Pt. 3: Getting Fucked In Front of Hubby

I remember writing this story…. and what’s funny is that just thinking about this night… I can still feel his cock deep inside me. The biggest… thickest and just well endowed cock I have ever seen let alone fucked….

Anyway enough of the teasing…

So this happened the very night after I got fucked by Adam in the back of his Ute right in my driveway.

I was on a roll and just insatiable. I had taken Adams cock in his Ute, hubbies cock twice afterwards and I just wanted more. So I messaged the guy from the first date (Darius)  and was so glad that he was free that night. What was better though was that he wasn’t rushed and was totally down for a hotel fuck.

So now I was about to  graduate from giving a bj in a car, to fucking in a car to now organising a hotel meet up with a BBC. Oh did I forget to mention that. Now I’m not into certain races or nationalities, I don’t have any preferences but obviously in the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle, interracial sex is a big deal. Specifically anything with a BBC. Hubby and I did talk about it, but we never ever thought it would be a reality. Well turns out my first coffee date was with a BBC. Go big or go home right.

So what happened… well I’ll tell you. I took my first BBC. In front of hubby. Which sort of turned into my first threesom. I was in heaven.

I actually had hubby check into the hotel while I got myself organised and then met him there about an hour later. Then we waited.

My date wasn’t too far away and he messaged when he arrived in the lobby. I told hubby to wait right there (in the corner in those armchairs that most hotels have… I think the official label is a  cuck chair) as I went and picked him up from the lobby. We both smiled at each other before i left. This was such a big moment for both of us. Hubby had watched the videos, but he had never experienced watching me in person. It was something we had fantasied about for a long time.

We exchanged pleasantries and I let him know that hubby was in the room and if he wanted him to leave or stay it was totally up to him. He was cool though and said as long as hubby could handle watching him give me the best fuck of my life, he was down.

We got to the room… said hello to hubby before getting straight into it. I must admit I was nervous to begin with. Nervous because I had seen a picture of his cock. Nervous because this was the first time hubby was present. Nervous because I didn’t know what it would be like to have him there.

Those nerves left me as soon as he pulled me in and kissed me though. Within seconds I completely forgot hubby was there. He had the softest lips but what really got me was how big and strong he was. He made me feel so light. As he grabbed me and pulled me in, it was the first time in a long time that I had the feeling that I was really about to be man-handled! And I loved it.

We continued to kiss before he grabbed me and we started taking each other’s clothes off. Now if there is one thing that gets me going, it’s kissing. It’s my go to move. I know some people think kissing is such an intimate act and I agree! But hubby was all for it and we agreed we would do whatever we felt comfortable with. Honestly I think we made out the entire time unless he was pounding me from behind.

Slowly our clothes came off and he explored my body with his hands and tongue before we walked over to the bed. Then he did something that really turned me on. He picked me up and spun me around like I weighed nothing and placed me on his lap! We continued kissing before I jumped off because it was time to finally get a look at his cock. I could feel the size of it through his underwear as I grinded on him but I needed to see it for myself.

I got on my knees before slowly placing my fingers in his underwear and pulling down. I took it all in for a brief second! (I watched this part back on the video and I knew exactly what was going through my head just before I placed it in my mouth- fuck this is huge). I grabbed it with one hand and without even being hard it was heavier, thicker and longer than hubby’s! I can tell you now I could hardly fit my mouth around it!

I blew him for a while, while he laid back and took it all in. Meanwhile out of the corner of my eye I noticed hubby in the corner with his hands grabbing his cock through his clothes and filming it all. Darius then stood up and properly fucked my mouth. Holding my hair back as I tried (in vain) to take as much of it as I could. I don’t think I even got halfway down his cock. But I could definitely tell that he enjoyed having me gag on it. Then he pulled me up to my feet and pushed me onto the bed. Caressing and licking my body from my feet to my ass before pulling down my panties and flipping me onto my back.

He teased my pussy for a bit with his lips, finger and tongue. I was arching my back in pleasure and it was at this point… while the second guy ate me out in two days that I realised how bad my hubby is at oral and I how much I have been missing out on. He teased me enough that I just needed him in me.

Now finally the moment everyone in the room had been waiting for. He got up on his knees, grabbed his cock and slowly teased it around the entrance of my pussy. It was at this point in time that I realised I wanted him raw. I didn’t want a condom ruining this for me. I didn’t even look at hubby as he slowly entered me..  I had never felt so full. I let out some noises I didn’t know I could make, arched my back, and my eyes involuntarily rolled into the back of my head before moaning “oh god” in ecstasy and actually laughing out loud.

I laughed because this is what it was like to have a real man fuck me. I felt so full. So good!

He fucked me for a while. Putting my legs up on his shoulders and thrusting even deeper into my pussy. I was in heaven. Melting into his body. Kissing him the entire time.

I took no notice of hubby until I rolled on top. Hubby sprung up… his cock now out of his pants and in his hand, wanking (what i now realised) his small cock . He ran behind me as I slid down onto his cock. Obviously wanting to get the right angles of his wife sliding onto a BBC for the first time.

It wasn’t long after this that hubby asked me something but I had no idea what he was saying. My mind was elsewhere. Then did something he will never forget. At this stage I’m sure he was thinking he was just going to be a spectator.

When he asked “is it good?” It really was the first time I gave him any attention. I turned to him, smiled then signaled for him to come over!

He actually said in shock “really?” And I replied, “yeah” with a big smile on my face.

Darius pushed me to the edge of the bed with my head hanging off as hubby lowered his pants and put his cock in my mouth. His wife’s mouth. The one that had just been wrapped around a BBC for the last 20 minutes. It didn’t take me long to get hubby all the way down my throat, which hubby happily laughed at. Darius fingered me for a bit before doing what I really wanted. Putting his big cock in me again so that I could finally say I was spit roasted. One in my pussy. And hubby’s small cock in my mouth. All I needed then was one in my ass to have the trifecta. It really did feel liberating.  I was finally  taking two beautiful mens cocks at the same time. I knew hubby wasn’t going to last so I reached around and put my finger in his ass just to tease him a bit more.

I think in total I was spit roasted for about a minute. Hubby really couldn’t last. At one stage he reached down and rubbed my clit as I was being fucked. And that was a feeling I could really get used to. Sensory overload in a  good way.

Hubby moved away from my mouth before he cam… put his phone down and then we had our first real intimate moment. While I was being fucked we kissed and said a few loving things to each other. More for him then me because I wasn’t really concentrating as Darius continued to fuck my pussy.

After that Darius and I continued to fuck. All over the bed and in positions I never knew about. Well I did know about it but I knew hubby couldn’t perform in the same way that Darius could. He moved me over to the other side of the room and fucked me on the desk before picking me up and just fucking me in the middle of the room as I was suspended in his arms. As I write this I realised that I now do have a preference for bigger guys, physically.  I really do love a big guy! Maybe because it’s what I have been missing out on for so long.

Another highlight was when Darius put me back on my knees and hubby came over and made me wank him while I sucked on a real cock! It was shocking to see the difference. Hubby’s cock, for so long my perfect companion, now just felt, for lack of a better word, inadequate. It didn’t last long though as Darius really took control and started to face fuck me, at which point I had to let go of hubby!

Not long after he let me know he was going to cum. I was actually quite surprised that he had so much stamina. He really was a real man. He had fucked me harder, rougher and  better then I have ever been fucked and he didn’t even need to slow down. Comparing my list of best fucks with hubby I realised that whenever hubby fucks me hard he lasts for one or two mins then needs a break so he doesn’t blow.

Anyway As Darius was on top of me I told him I wanted him to finish on me and make a real mess of me. As he continued to thrust, I felt the recognisable sensation of his cock starting to throb. He pulled out it out and cam all over my belly and tits. A perfect ending…

We laughed and I told him, in a  very straightforward way, how much fun I had. before he got up to jump in the shower. 

I don’t even think the water had started to run before hubby jumped out of his seat and tried to slide into me. He jumped on me and I stopped him right there and then. I told him no….

Because he had to clean me up with his tongue before we fucked…

This was something we had talked about only briefly. I think I was into it more than he was. But I knew as long as he had not finished… he would be down. For me it is such an intimate thing that I can share with hubby. It isn’t “gay” as some people would say. But a way that hubby and I can connect in a kink friendly way. 

He looked me in the eyes, before kissing me, and slowly moving down my body as he cleaned up the mess Darius had made of me. Once he had done, I smiled at him, pulled him towards me and let him slide in.