Pt. 7: He Fucked Me In Public

So this happened a week after my first fuck with Nathan. Let me just say he messaged me everyday since our date, wanting to see me again. I guess I wanted to see him too (it drove hubby crazy when I was messaging him like a teen with a crush every chance I got- hubby was constantly asking who I was talking to). 

Anyway I have a national park not too far from my place that I love to go to hike. Since it was a Thursday I could guess that it wasn’t going to be busy on the trail. Just in case I felt horny and wanted to  get up to something really fun. Only kidding. I knew full well this was not just going to be a social hike. 

So I finished my last interview at work and left an hour or so earlier than usual. I pulled up right behind Nathan as he was getting out of his car. Not a moment after opening the door and getting out, my phone started buzzing.  I had a zoom call come through on my phone. I had totally forgotten I had a work conference meeting that afternoon! So here I was… walking with my new boyfriend while chatting to my colleagues and clients on my phone. 

We walked for a while at a steady pace… and Nathan was the perfect gentleman, not too fussed about the drama he was listening to unfurl on my work call. I kept glancing sideways at Nathan, noticing how fit he looked in his workout clothes.  I finally had enough and slowly reached out and gave his butt a squeeze. I think he got the hint because he stopped walking and looked directly at me. This is when I started rubbing his cock through his trackies!

He was already rock hard. He stayed quiet while I slipped my hand down his pants and played with his cock while talking to my colleagues on the phone. 

We didn’t get much further before my meeting ended and Nathan grabbed me and started kissing me very very passionately. I told him to wait because we weren’t at our final destination yet. 

We walked a bit further before I stopped him… and told him we were here. Nathan and I are a match made in heaven because he came prepared… He took off his backpack and pulled out a picnic blanket. I think my knees thanked him more than I did.  

As he was setting up his blanket I rested my phone against a tree to get the best angle to record from! 

We got straight into it… right where we left off. 

He is such a passionate kisser… we continued kissing, before I felt him slip his hand down the front of my tights.

Wow I thought to myself. It’s been a while since I was fingered outdoors.

He fingered me for a bit longer… touching and pressing on all the right spots and pulling away just before I felt an orgasm coming (he is such a tease).

He knew what was about to happen as he slowly slipped his pants off and I willingly got down on my knees.

Have I told you how much I love sucking his dick? He is the smallest of all my boyfriends but fuck it is fun to suck! (so for anyone with a smaller cock reading this… just know that they are just as much fun as big ones). 

I sucked him like I hadn’t sucked anyone for years. Taking him right down to his balls before flicking my tongue over them and pulling back, then taking him to my balls again all in one motion. 

He mentioned before how much he loved my sloppy blowjobs and I think the fact we were outside made him even more horny. 

He pulled me up and started kissing me again because he told me if I had kept going he would cum right there and then! 

He pulled my pants down… turned me around and bent me over. He left my thong on but I felt him pull it to the side before lining up his cock with my already wet pussy and  sliding right into me… no condom again (he must have wanted to creampie me again). 

That’s when I lost track of everything! 

All I know is that he fucked me hard and fast (so hard that my hair band fell out).

I felt like such a slut! Here I was… bent over outside… by a guy I had met only twice before! 

Well that’s what I was thinking while he was fucking me  and it made it so much hotter.  

As he was using me like his slut I lost track of time and my surroundings. Hoping that no one was watching us, but knowing that if they were, it would be one hell of a show. Then I felt his rhythm change. 

Next thing I knew he had pulled out of me and I felt him shoot his load all over my asshole before once again scooping the cum off my as, onto his dick and sliding  it back into my pussy. I then felt him shoot the rest of his load into my pussy. I later found out that he had not cum since  the last time we fucked-so a week and a bit. And you could tell because the mess he made of my pussy was something to be seen. 

Knowing that this was probably the biggest creampie I have ever received I made sure he snapped some good shots. I also made sure to tell him not to touch his cock because I wanted to clean him up (I know what a good slut I am). 

After I finished cleaning him up (fuck he tastes so nice when his cum is mixed with mine) I put my panties back on to make sure hubby would have his first creampie cleanup when I got home.  

We walked slowly back to our cars and I messaged hubby some sneak peek videos. We both had a good laugh about the fun we just had and what hubby had just missed out on. I also made note of how fun it is to be fucked in public. I mean the thrill of being caught just makes everything so much more fun.