How I Became a Hotwife

This is by far and away the most common question I ever get asked. How did this all start?  How did I become a hotwife? Who’s fantasy was it? Who brought the topic up first?  Who was into it more? 

Well it is about time I put those questions to bed (I love a good pun) once and for all.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we…

I was a fun teenager who wasn’t afraid to explore sexually! Maybe because of the beliefs that had been ingrained into me about marriage…maybe it was my strict upbringing. But I always thought my teenage years were my golden years to explore. This led me into my 20s where I  also had a bit of fun. Well a bit more than just fun. I have been with my boyfriend (now husband)  for a long time. Some of my exploits overlap and some happened when we were on breaks. In a way we very much had an open relationship without explicitly being in an open relationship. You see he never slept around.  But I can tell you now he has always had a cuckold fantasy. I mean he hasn’t admitted it till very recently but it has been very clear for a long time! .

The moment that really kick started everything was a very memorable trip to Thailand when we were young, which resulted in me fucking a guy in our hotel room while he was out with the guys. Looking back at it now it was probably our first hotwife adventure. But the details are a little hazy. What I do know for sure is that this kickstarted Hubby’s interest in me being with other men. He would always ask for specific details and these details would make him incredibly hard, which would always lead to a very passionate night of sex. 

Another key giveaway that hotwifing/cuckolding had become a fantasy for hubby was his search history. I mean I’m not one of those creepy stalker type partners… I would never intentionally go through his search history. We were very open about everything and one of the best parts about our relationship is that we are so honest with each other and communicate extremely well. Both two characteristics we later found out are integral to living this lifestyle. Anyhow, I caught him numerous times reading stories from the subreddit “cuckoldstories” and his most visited site was literotica! It was always left open on either his phone safari or his laptop safari. I kept this to myself and never pressed him on the issue, although I would often scan over the stories he would read and I won’t lie, they were pretty hot. I love how they always involved a wife/gf being shared. 

Well let’s fast forward a couple of years and a few kids later. The honeymoon period had well and truly ended. Adulting got in the way of our sex life. Work, bills and navigating the world of being parents for the first time had left us in a bit of a rut. Our sex life was a ‘once a week’ event that lasted 5/10 minutes with very little imagination or exploration on both our behalves. . 

About 2 years ago, we found ourselves on reddit, which led to us posting my first ever nude online. Who would have thought. I mean it was basically a dare from hubby. We both had reddit accounts and obviously we know reddit is famous for anything NSFW. To be honest we both used to have tumblr accounts as well, if we go back even further. Of course we never posted anything… we were more just curious browsers. Anyway, my nude that I posted sort of blew up and that opened our eyes to a new adventure. 

Reading the comments and the inflow of messages was our new nightly couple time. We loved seeing what other guys thought of me and I know for a fact hubby was more than loving this new way of sharing me with others…even if it was only digitally. 

Well one thing led to another and I guess from the many requests we had, we caved and I became a content creator. I really do hate how they label people that. I mean I feel it’s a shit representation of what I really do. What I enjoy most about ‘creating’ (if we must give it a label) is the fact that sharing my body, and now my hotwife journey, with others not only helps others get off… but it still drives me and hubby wild as well. We get such a kick out of it. 

After a year of fucking behind a camera, rating dicks (one of my favorite things to do) and creating custom ‘kink-friendly’ videos… We decided to take it one step further. I can’t remember the exact conversation but I can tell you it was very casual. Hubby said to me something along the lines of “So, what do you think about fucking someone other than me?” I looked at him, grabbed his dick and basically said, “I’m down if you are.” I know people spend years waiting for the right time to bring this up to their significant other. But that’s just the type of people hubby and I are. Super open and comfortable sharing anything with each other. I mean we roleplayed it a million times in bed. We basically had already ‘sort of’ experienced it before we were married. So why not? Well that was my line of thinking anyway. 

We continued to chat about it on and off for the next few days and we both came to an agreement. As long as we both enjoyed ourselves, we were always safe and it never came between us or our family life… why not take the plunge.

In my head I knew, with so much confidence, that this was hubby’s biggest fantasy and I’d be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind. I mean I could literally have the best of both worlds. Hubby to come home to, and others to blow my mind whenever I wanted. 

And that was that. A couple of weeks later I went on my first ever coffee date. The rest is history. 

Oh and of course… I told hubby that we would definitely be making a blog about it. I mean we both had read so much erotica, specifically blogs about hotwifes and cuckolding. So I always always always said, if we ever did take the plunge. We would document it all. Pictures, videos, stories. The entire kit and caboodle. I mean how many times have you read some hot erotica and thought “fuck i wish that was a video.” Well I’m about to make that a reality.  
So here we are… right at the beginning and i really do  hope you enjoy my journey.