Pt. 5: Meeting My BBC Bull Alone For The First Time

So it’s been a while since my last update Hubby has been out of town for a while then Covid ruined my dates! Who would of that we would still be talking about COVID. Honestly, I have been reminiscing about all the fun this hotwife lifestyle has brought me. I really wanted to do something ‘naughty’. So  I put this plan into action on a Thursday night! I was craving someone bigger… and just to be fucked like a fuckdoll again. Luckily for me, both my boyfriends tick those boxes. 

So I messaged Darius and asked if he was free the next day. I mean it’s short warning but it’s a Friday night, so what else would an attractive, hung, single guy be doing.  I think he was busy but when I told him I’d be in a hotel, all alone this time, without hubby, he canceled his plans. I guess you could say he was very keen! 

My plan. Well, like I said, I wanted to be ‘naughty.’ So I told hubby I would be staying late at work because I was super busy!  Which wasn’t a lie because I was definitely super busy he just didn’t know that after work I’d be in a hotel getting fucked properly! I often work late, so I’m sure hubby didn’t even think twice about it. 

I left work at around 5:30pm to go check into the hotel, with hubby none the wiser and Darius already on his way! 

I won’t lie… I was super excited! I remember our first hotel fuck with Darius. Hubby was there and it was so much fun! But I felt this time being alone the dynamic would change a bit and Darius would come out of his shell a little bit more! I guess there is only so much you can on a first date while hubby is in the same room. And I wasn’t wrong! He rang me to come collect him from the lobby. I don’t know why but I’m always super giddy and nervous when I go downstairs to pick them up. Maybe because I know I’m being super naughty… or maybe it’s the taboo associated with this type of thing… or maybe because I think the hotel staff will realize what’s actually happening! 

It didn’t take long for us to get back into the room. There was  a bit of small talk! It’s always funny because we both know why we are there and what we really want to do! 

I forgot how passionate Darius is! He slowly undressed me while kissing me passionately! I don’t think I ever mentioned to him that kissing was the easiest way to get my pussy dripping. I think he had already come to that realisation though. I guess it was a bonus that he was an exceptional kisser. When I explained it to hubby, I think I said something along the lines of “his big lips are just like cushions.” 

Of all my dates, one thing always stands out. The foreplay is always amazing. Maybe it’s the sexual tension because I just want to grab him and pull out his huge cock and stuff in me! 

We made out for a long time  before he forced me on my knees! I fucken love this bit! I slowly kissed down his stomach before pulling his pants down. Then I reached into the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down! I’m not exaggerating but I swear it’s way bigger than I remembered! I told him that as well before putting it in my mouth and sucking on it! 

I think he loves the dynamic of me, the married hotwife, on my knees pleasuring him by sucking his cock! Because throughout our fuck he would randomly stop, force me back on my knees and have me suck him off! It’s so big! My jaw hardly fits around it but I always try my best to take it as far as I can! I was gagging on it all night. 

After I spent a couple of minutes sucking him I grabbed him by the hand and took him to the mirror where I got a selfie with his cock ready to send to hubby! I quickly sent it off and went straight back to sucking him. This was the plan all along. I wanted to surprise hubby with a little something to show him what I was really staying back for. 

Darius then returned the favour! He ate my pussy for a while! I can’t get over how good both my BFs are at giving head! It’s just my hubby that isn’t good at it and I feel like I have been missing out my entire life! 

It wasn’t long before I told him “please put your cock in me now!”

And that’s what I got! He fucked me in positions that hubby can’t! I told him so many times how deep he was in me and he definitely didn’t hold back. After about five minutes my ass had handprints all over them from him spanking my ass! Man, do I love aBBC. Even just having a bigger guy man handle me the way he does! 

He fucked me for a while before I jumped on and rode him! It was amazing because his longer cock reaches so deep when I’m on top! It means that I can ride faster and change the way I ride because the extra length gives me more options to play with. 

After I rode him he put me in doggy and really had his way with me. I told him he was definitely owning my pussy and he laughed and agreed. 

When I felt him getting close and my legs were up next to my head I whispered to him

“You can cum wherever you want by the way. I’m on birth control.”

He didn’t respond but had a big smile when he started kissing me. I don’t know why I told him he could cum in me. I just thought I really wanted to surprise hubby. And I know how sacred my pussy is and thinking about having another guy creampie me for the first time, was so hot. 

It didn’t take him long to flip me over after that. He had me watch in the mirror as he put me on my belly and jumped on top of me. He fucken looked so good in that position. He then proceeded to almost breaking my back… thrusting into me with so much force before I felt him unload shot after shot of cum into my married pussy!

It was so fucken hot! Then being the good BF that he is he grabbed the phone and captured the creampie for everyone to see! 

We rolled off each other absolutely spent before having a little kiss and cuddle! 

What an amazing night. 

I headed back to my phone to see what hubby had responded. I might have to attach the text screenshots for all to see. 

I guess I have to update my hotwife tally to include my first creampie now!