Pt. 12: The Guy From The Beach

So yesterday was Australia Day! Yes, a controversial day but a public holiday so my family and I did what most families do and head to one of Australia’s beautiful beaches! 

The beach was packed. So packed, that hubby dropped us off at the beach and then left to go find a car park. I headed down to the beach and found an open spot to set up the tent… when a nice gentleman came over to give me a hand. He was very friendly. He helped me set up the tent and we got chatting. Honestly, he was just too genuine. Completely chilled and I didn’t get that creepy vibe you get from people with a second agenda (sex).  He told me that he was with some friends when he said he saw me struggling so he thought he’d give me a hand.

He left soon before hubby arrived.

Hubby was absolutely shocked that I managed to set up the tent by myself.

I joked with him and said, “not just a pretty face with tits.” 

He laughed but I did tell him a handsome gentleman gave me a hand.

He responded with… “of course, I leave you alone for 20 mins and look what happens!”

I said, “maybe you should leave me alone for longer and then see what happens!”

He laughed it off before taking his top off and going down to enjoy the waves. I always forget how attractive my husband is and even after so long he still gets my motor running.

I stayed to enjoy the shade and just chill out. My friend came back not long after and asked why I was still alone. I pointed to hubby in the water and said, “I’m never alone!”

By the look on his face I think my new friend thought that was my way of saying, I’m married and leave me alone but with a cheeky grin I quickly said, “don’t worry about it he is super cool.”

He raised his eyebrows and said “really?”

I said, “really really” and gave him my best “fuck me” eyes.  I felt silly doing this because if you know me, you’ll know I’m just a goofball at heart.

We chatted for a bit, revealing our plans for the rest of the long weekend. Well long story short we exchanged numbers, and he left before hubby came back. I enjoyed the rest of the morning at the beach before we headed home.

On the way home I got a cheeky message from my beach friend…

Him- “so, what do you mean when you said your husband is “cool?”

That when I though “fuck it.” It’s not everyday you give an attractive guy your number. Especially when you’re married with three kids. So I thought, lets make the most of this.

Me- “I mean he lets me fuck anyone I want.”

After I sent this message he didn’t respond for a while. Now that I think about it. I probably came on a little bit too strong. I mean if someone else sent me that message I’d definitely think they were geeing me up.

He responded with “…”

So, I told him straight out if he wanted to see if I was telling the truth then let’s go find a hotel and not waste any time. He agreed almost immediately.

I stayed quiet throughout the ride home. I don’t even think hubby suspected that I was chatting with a potential new fuck buddy.

When we got home, I told hubby and he was just as excited. Only he was in shock and disbelief at how easy it was for me to find someone fun to play with. I love being a hotwife. I finally had the freedom that most other women only dream about.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I meet my new beach friend in the lobby of my regular hotel and headed up to our hotel room.

So, for some reason… I don’t know why… I thought I’d go full slut mode and dress up for him a little bit. I had him take his clothes off, sit on the bed and I left to get changed.

Now, I have to just mention, that for all guys thinking they don’t have the best body… this new guy had your typical dad bod and I loved it.

Anyway, I put on my slutty schoolgirl outfit and came out.

After he picked his jaw up from the floor I sat on his lap and gave him a little lap dance. He did mention that he loved my ass at the beach but when he saw my tits… he had them in his mouth before I even realized what was happening. 

After sucking on my tits for a while I hopped off him… got down on my knees and pulled his underwear down. I couldn’t believe it. My first ever circumcised cock.  It wasn’t huge but it was definitely thicker than my hubby’s. 

I put it straight in my mouth and started to blow him. It wasn’t long before he was fucking my mouth. He had me in all positions, before he threw me on the bed… straddled my face and thrusted his cock into my mouth like it was a pussy. I was a mess, spit flying everywhere, gagging and choking. The thought that I had only known this guy for a couple of hours and here I was choking on his dick made my pussy so wet.

After he straddled my face, he moved me to the edge of the bed and and again continued fucking my mouth. I have never had someone fuck my mouth for so long in so many different positions.  

I think the best part about this fuck was that he really just wanted to use me. It was so different to what I was expecting. It always is right. You can never tell, by looking or even chatting to a guy, what they would be like in bed. I mean I wish there was an app for it. What a great idea. I mean this guy was such a genuine nice guy, helping a stranger out at the beach… and now he was fucking my mouth like he owned it.  Wham bam thank you ma’am! A complete 180.

I think he fucked my mouth for longer than he fucked me. But it was so hot having a total stranger use me for my holes. For his pleasure. Purely to get himself off.

After fucking my face on the edge of the bed he turned me over… put me on all fours and ploughed me from behind. At this stage I remember thinking Wow. This might be the quickest yet roughest fuck I ever had.

And then that’s when he grunted. After only about 5 minutes or so of fucking me from behind he pulled out… flipped me over and cam all over my face.

He smiled at me and told me when he first helped me with my tent, this is exactly how he had imagined me. A total cum slut with a load all over my pretty face.

I laughed at that and asked him what the chances were you would find someone as fun as me.

After a bit of small chat he put his clothes on, said thank you, and left. Without even a kiss or a cuddle. I was literally just used for him to cum all over my face.

I have never felt more like a slut than right at that moment. And I have to say I loved it.

I cleaned up my face. Put my summer dress on over my schoolgirl outfit and left. 

On my way home I thought… I would surprise hubby. I mean if I was going to be a slut… I was going to make the most of it.

And that’s what I did! I got home. Grabbed hubby’s hand… lead him to the bedroom and let him fuck my asshole. The only hole that hadn’t been used that night.