Pt. 14: Taking A BBC In My AssHere

I don’t know where I should start. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Too long between dates for my liking. And my last date was so spontaneous and so much fun. I have been so keen to jump back on a cock that wasn’t my hubby’s.

So of course, I organised to meet up with Darius. Out of all my BFs I think he is the one who can keep up with me. Sex drive. Tick. Sexual performance. Tick.

I think hubby also agrees. He once said to me, “I think Darius is the only one on your level.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

He responded with, “You are just really good at sex and not many people are on your level… except Darius… he is really fucken good at fucking you!”

And he’s not wrong! 

The best part though is that I did a little poll and ask all my followers what they wanted to see me do most.

And you guessed it… they wanted my ass fucked! 

Adam was my first ever BF and the first one to fuck me in the ass. But he definitely isn’t as big as Darius and he also wore a condom. So I feel like it wasn’t a true ass fucking.

Darius on the other hand… 9 inches, thick and he went in bare… more of that later…

I let hubby know to book me a hotel because it was date night. I really do love a mid-week date night. I sit there at work all day thinking about what I’ll be getting up to that night. And just thinking about it makes my underwear soaking in anticipation. I think on a number of occasions, people have asked me if I was okay. Probably because the blank stare and sudden grin that occur when I’m daydreaming in my office.

I finished work and headed straight to the hotel. Darius had said he would finish work early and make his way there.

Lucky for me he was waiting for me in the lobby when I arrived.

I’d really love to know what the receptionist thinks. He knows me now. I generally use the same couple of hotels, and he was the receptionist on duty the night of my first gangbang. He literally watched me come down and collect a new guy every time someone arrived. Let’s not kid ourselves. I think he knows exactly what’s going on. Especially when a white corporate working girl checks in, turns to the beautiful black man sitting so patiently in the lobby, and says let’s go. I just wonder if he notices my wedding ring.

I’m so happy I found Darius. It’s never awkward. It’s always easy. But my favourite part… we always get straight to it.

We literally got to the room and set up the camera… and not a second late he started kissing me. He has the biggest and softest lips. I once tried to explain to my husband that Darius was my favourite boyfriend to kiss. His lips are just like pillows. And I honestly think hubby was a little jealous that I said someone was a better kisser than him. Better fuck… bigger dick…better tasting cum… he is fine with all of that. But better kisser… well I think that’s the title he wants to take back the most.

It wasn’t long till he had me on my knees, taking his huge cock out and sucking it. He loves my blowjobs. I’ll have to ask him if anyone has ever taken his cock to the base.

I definitely now know how he likes me to work it. Whenever I look up into his eyes as I’m sucking him, I always see his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Personally, it turns me on so much when I see a guy enjoying my skills. That and when I make a guy moan. The moans make everything so much better.

He always has me suck his dick until he can’t take it any longer. He slowly moved me to the bed and returns the favour. Sucking on my always erect nipples and then gradually making his way to my aching pussy. 

I think my favourite part (I feel like I say that a lot. I guess there are so many favourites when it comes to Darius) with him is how he fingers me. He has this fast technique which blows my mind. If you watch the video, you can literally hear how wet he makes me.

After eating me out for a bit he then has his way with my pussy. I love how much better I have gotten at taking him. I remember my first time I struggled a little bit… but now I have completed accepted the fact that I’m nothing more than his personal sex toy. He literally pulls (usually by the hair) and then tosses me wherever he wants… and always manages to contort my body into positions which feels good for him. 

I think his favourite is when he has me lay flat on my stomach and then drills deep into my pussy from behind.  I think that’s the position in which he can get the deepest into my pussy.

I forgot how loud I get with him. I rewatch the video and think fuck me… I don’t know how anyone in the hotel on the same level or above or below us, don’t complain to hotel management about the animalistic noises coming from our room.

This was the fourth date in a row he had made me squirt. So far, I think he might be the only guy to make me squirt. I can’t control it, but he just hits the right spot, and it happens. It always happens when he fucks me standing up from behind. His cock must just hit the right spot. We move out of sight of the camera for a bit, but you can definitely see the wet mess I make of the carpet.

After trying out a new position… “the full Nelson” (another one suggested by one of my followers) we move into the main course for the night. Me getting my ass fucked! 

We lube up my ass before I slowly…and I mean really slowly sit on top of him and guide his massive thick cock to the rim of my ass.

I chose to get on top because I can really control how fast and deep I go. With hubby… the thickest part of his cock is the tip of his cock. With Darius on the other hand… his head slides in but the really thick part is the middle of his cock. I take my time slowly sliding inch by inch further down his cock.

Once I get over the middle, I realize it’s not too bad. After a couple of seconds my asshole relaxes around his cock. It was at this point I realize I have never had something so big in my ass and boy did it feel good. 

I couldn’t help myself. As his cock slowly went deeper and deeper into my ass and realizing how good this felt I started to kiss him…

And I wasn’t the only one having a good time. I could tell he wasn’t going to last very long. He started to pick up the pace… before really piledriving into my ass! With every thrust I could feel him getting closer to shooting his load into my asshole. I asked him later what it felt like and he said “I have never been inside something so tight before”

I wanted to squat fuck him… or at least go reverse cowgirl but I could tell in his eyes he wouldn’t last much longer. So I resigned to the fact that this was going to be short and sweet. After a few minutes of drilling my asshole like never before, I felt his cock pulsate before I felt him unload stream after stream of cum into my asshole. My first ever anal creampie from someone other than hubby!

My asshole has never felt so full, but boy was I proud of myself. I think he was surprised by how happy I was. I finally took a BBC in my ass and I wanted to share the news with everyone. I literally rung hubby and told him. He responded with “I’ll believe it when I see it” 

I think he has watched the video every day since.

Having Darius fuck my ass felt like I had conquered Everest. I’m actually still so stoked about it and it’s been 4 days.

I did say I would be your anal queen and I think I’m slowly living up to that expectation.

What should I try next?