Pt. 15: I FaceTimed Hubby While I Was Getting Fucked

I have been thinking about doing this for a long long time. But it just never eventuated! I think I must of seen an online video of a girl sucking a guy’s cock while on the phone to her boyfriend who had no idea. Maybe you have seen the same clip.  Since becoming a hotwife, this idea has been floating around in my head for so long. Now that I was comfortable with Adam, I brought the idea up with him to see what he thought.

I texted him one night out of the blue and just said… “would you be open to FaceTiming hubby while we fuck?”

His response… “Fucken oath that would be so hot.”

So we organised a date for that Saturday night! 

The rest of the week went by really quickly and Friday finally arrived. I left hubby to put the kids to bed and fend for himself.

He still gets such a hard on when I get ready right in front of him. I have to admit though… now that I’m comfortable with some of my bulls I feel comfortable enough not to be totally dolled up. I know what they like. And they love a natural milf who doesn’t try too hard. Plus, they really love it when I’m naked and submissive for them.

This night though, was different. I had one thing on my mind. I was going to be the most submissive cum slut I could be.

When we both arrived at the hotel, we chilled out for a bit, chatting like old friends. I really do have good relationships with my bulls. For some it’s just a one and done situation but with Adam, we can chat, laugh and hang out as well.

We moved to the living room, and he sat down on the couch. I was about to get straight on my knees, but he told me he wanted me to get him a glass of water. Which of course I did. When I returned, he had me turn in a circle and  inspected me and made sure to mention how much of a slut I was. He even made me show off my XL bad dragon dildo that I had brought along to the hotel.

He had me strip down to my underwear before he ordered me on my knees. He then took out his cock… and as I reached for it he stopped me and made me ask permission before I could suck it. I knew tonight was going to be fun. I absolutely love it when I am not in control. When I’m used for one purpose. To pleasure someone.

After getting permission I happily went to work on his cock… on my knees… like a good slut.

It always excites me when I think about how my husband is at home, while the love of his life is on her knees worshipping another man’s cock. When I said my vows on my wedding day, this was not how I pictured my intimate life. I definitely didn’t picture it involving other men, let alone with my husband’s blessing. Yet  here I am. 

He had me work his cock… making it extra wet for around 10 minutes. He constantly reminded me how much of a slut I was and how I should always be serving him… my new master. 

Then he said the words I was waiting for!

“We are going to FaceTime your hubby now!” 

I looked at him, smiled and grabbed my phone off of him. The usual FaceTime tone rung out. I asked Adam politely what he would like me to show him first and he responded with “sucking.”

So that’s what happened. Hubby picked up the phone to me on my knees with a cock in my mouth.

Adam told me to say hello to hubby. So I did. I don’t even think I heard hubby reply as I continued to slurp and drool all over Adam’s cock.

I know exactly what was happening on the other end of the phone though. Hubby would be sitting down with his cock in his hand enjoying the view of his wife pleasuing another cock. 

Adam continued giving me instructions. He even made me thank hubby for letting me out to suck cock…

I think hubby was a bit speechless. 

Adam held my hair out of my face so hubby could get a uninterrupted view of me sucking on his cock.

Hubby asked if I was a good girl and Adam responded by telling him exactly what I had been up to. 

After that it felt so normal. So natural. Me sucking cock while hubby stroked his. I think Adam and hubby even had a conversation about my cock sucking skills. 

I do recall hubby instructing me to lick Adam’s balls, which of course I did eagerly. If a girl doesn’t pay the ball’s appropriate attention, is she even doing her job?

It wasn’t long after this when Adam got behind me and inspected my pussy. I recall looking at hubby while this happened and whispering how much I loved him.

Adam than proceeded to fuck me from behind. I held hubby the entire time so he could watch me being bent over and used.

Adam must of been turned on too, as he didn’t last very long. But when I say that, he still managed to fuck me properly and better than what hubby could. He would slow down and then thrust deep inside me. His hands felt so powerful as they gripped onto my ass and spanked me.  I really do love having bigger man fuck me. Not just bigger cocks. But bigger men. Who can really use me. Really make me feel like a little fuckdoll.

I felt him shoot his load into his condom before he turned me around and gave me a really passionate kiss right in front of the camera for hubby to see.

I made sure to say goodbye to hubby as I started to clean up and I got to have a little alone time with Adam. He always loves a kiss and cuddle after sex which I don’t mind.

The sex didn’t last too long but I really think this was one of the hottest experiences of all my hotwife adventures. I think the fact that I finally did a live FaceTime with hubby as he watched me get fucked, was one of the hottest things I have ever done. I know doing this would have been the ultimate tease for hubby. Having him be so close but so far away at the same time. It is something that I would love to experiment with again…but maybe have more than one guy join me.