Pt. 18: He Creampied Me On The First Date

So, if you follow me on my socials, you’d know I have been on the lookout for some new bulls. Well, this bull slid into my Instagram DMs and had some good banter. And what I mean by banter is that he made me literally LOL (laugh out loud). 

We spoke for a couple of days before he finally asked me out for a date. It was Friday Funday when he thought he’d shoot his shot.  I told him, I work full time and have three kids at home, so my time is hard to come by. But he persisted. He never gave up and lucky for him the stars just seemed to align. My work meetings got cancelled. I messaged him and said if he still wants to, I’ll book a hotel for us. We had been flirting back and forth so he thought I was joking at first. But when I sent him a screenshot of my booking confirmation, he was pretty excited. 

2:30pm hit and my last meeting finished when I headed over to the hotel. Hubby had no idea of course. Just the way I like it. He was busy anyway… it was school holidays, and he had his hands full. 

For the first time ever, I had a hotel concierge ask me about a million questions on check in. I had never seen him before, so it was weird, because if it was a regular concierge, I’m sure they would have known straight away what I was there for. Only because they have seen me at this hotel with plenty of different guys. 

My date arrived not long after and we went straight up to the room. We flirted for a bit before I made the first move. I remember thinking shit, this guy is tall. Let’s call him Sam by the way. I got up on my tippy toes and started to make out with him. 

I gather you guys know by now that kissing is my thing. It makes everything so much more passionate and it’s a sure-fire way to make my pussy gush. 

We kissed for a while before we started to take each other’s clothes off. 

I wasn’t expecting sex today, so I was wearing my work jeans. They are a bit of a bitch to get off. 

After he got me down to my underwear, he pushed me down on the bed… slide my panties off and went to work on my pussy. It’s been almost a year now since my first hotwife adventure and I have to say I’m still so surprised at how good some people are with their tongues. Maybe because hubby is useless, but I really love a guy going down on me now. Thanks Adam, for that. 

He was so close to bringing me to orgasm right there and then. He would take me right to the edge with his tongue before stopping right on cue to make me squirm and want more. 

After pushing my legs open and really going to town on my pussy he stood up and took his underwear off.

That was definitely my cue to get to work on his cock. He had a nice size cock. Similar size to hubby but a bit thicker. I spat on his cock and got to work. At one stage he grabbed his cock and asked me see how deep I could go on him. I did pretty good getting right down to the base of his cock. He then told me he wanted me to lick his ass.

As soon as he asked that my thoughts went straight to hubby. I know hubby loves my rim jobs, but if only he knew right now … that instead of work I was on my knees with my tongue in another man’s asshole, literally minutes after meeting him. 

After rimming him and sucking his cock a bit longer… the fun really started. If I had to sum it up… I’d say “hard, quick and to the point”.

He was here for business. He put me into doggy where he got straight to the point. Almost blowing my back out with the first couple of shots. He even moved the bed he fucked me that hard. Basically, having his way with me for his own self pleasure. He pushed me down onto my belly while fucking me from behind before spinning me around, put my legs up over his shoulder and then proceeded to fold me in half. 

I did get my first experience in a new position that I hadn’t experienced before. I just googled it and it’s called the reverse wheelbarrow position. Basically, he put me legs on his shoulders… lifted me up and then fucked me. It must be a position only suited for tall guys because hubby has never used that position before.

He then pulled me on top of him and this is when he asked me to slow down. He was so close to cumming right there and then, that on multiple occasions he told me to stop. 

I know he loved reverse cowgirl and the view of my asshole as I rode his cock because it didn’t take him long at all to slide his finger in my ass. 

After stopping me for what felt like the 5th time, he pulled me off and pushed me to the edge of the bed. Where he laid me on my back and fucked me fast and hard again. 

On multiple occasions I tried to sit up… just because I love watching a new cock slide in and out of me for the first time, but he pushed me down before asking me where I wanted him to finish. I told him anywhere he wanted. He really wanted to know what my personal favourite was. 

I won’t lie my mind went back to hubby as I thought about where he could cum so that I can show hubby what a mess he made of me. That’s when I said, “I’m on two forms of birth control…so if you want to creampie me go for it.”

And that’s what he did. He fucked me until he unloaded what to me felt like a weeks’s worth of cum. I could feel his cock pulsating as he shot load after load inside my married pussy. I laughed and told him, “Wow hubby is going to have fun cleaning that up.” 

Of course, I stuck a finger in and tasted him too… I always love to know how a guy tastes and I wasn’t disappointed. I cleaned his cock off too and we laughed together at how quickly that had all come together. I was impressed and secretly happy that I might have found another regular bull. 

But what I was super eager for was to get back to hubby to surprise him with a creampie in my pussy. So, we wrapped it up… said our goodbyes and off we went….

And we i got home, I went straight to the kitchen, grabbed hubby and put his hand down my pants and he naturally slipped a finger into my pussy…

His raised his eyebrows at me and asked, “Oh did you miss me today?”

Without skipping a beat I pulled his hands out of my pants and made him lick his fingers…

He must know the taste of cum now because he asked, “who’s is that?”

And that’s when I told him all about my new fuckbuddy!