Pt. 20: Three Guys In A Week- “The First Guy”

I have hit a bit of a hotwife crisis recently. My first two bulls/boyfriends, the ones that I really was most comfortable with have left me. Well not really. I mean its not like they broke up with me but they physically left me. Adam moved overseas. Darius moved interstate. I mean their timing couldn’t have been worse. Both within a week of each other.

Anyhow, that meant that I have been on the lookout for a new regular fuck buddy. Which, you would think would not be that hard. Well, you are wrong. It definitely is. Obviously, as you can imagine my DMs are full of dick pics from randoms and just in general, some really borderline creepy behaviour. I honestly did get really lucky with my first two bulls.

I can honestly say, that after countless messages, a lot of back and forths and a shit tonne of flirting…I still haven’t found a regular to replace Darius or Adam.

You can imagine then, the excitement when Darius’ name appeared on my phone with a text that read… “Hey. I’m back in town for the night. Are you free?”

Hell yeah I was. To be fair, even if I wasn’t, I would have made time. I mean since my last fuck, I have been craving cock. It’s just a bonus it was going to be with someone so familiar with everything that I like it.

I was at work when I received the message. So, I quickly messaged Hubby and told him to book me a room at a hotel near my work.

As usual, his excitement was next level. Replying with about a hundred questions. The thought of not telling him and coming home to him with a fresh creampie did cross my mind. But, at the same time, having him sit at home, wondering what I was doing is just as good. I love a good tease.

I let him know that Darius messaged me and that I’d be “working” late.

The day flew past and before I knew it, I was heading to the hotel lobby to meet Darius.

Darius was waiting for me as I checked in. The hotel concierge knew exactly what was about to go down, glancing at Darius, looking me up and down, before giving me a knowing smirk.

Yes, I’m wearing a wedding ring. Yes, I was meeting a beautiful black man in a hotel. And YES, I was about to have my mind blown and there would probably be a few noise complaints that he would be dealing with.

After giving Darius a kiss hello, I told him that I was starving. So, instead of heading straight up to the room, we headed to the bar in the lobby. We both got a drink, and I ordered some bar food.

We sat at the bar and chatted like old friends. My legs touching his as we sat on the high bar stools. In no time at all he slowly reached his hand down and grabbed my exposed thigh. I smiled and let him know that I had really missed him and his cock. We laughed for a bit longer before I told him, very unceremoniously, that I needed him ASAP.

I paid for our drinks, and we pretty much skipped out of the bar and into the lift. The lift hadn’t even fully closed before he pushed me against the back wall, and we started kissing. I had not forgotten how good a kisser he was. One of my favourite things about him. However, what I did forget was that you needed to swipe your key card for the lift to move, so it was a bit of a shock when the lift door opened, and an elderly couple walked in. I was pinned against the wall, with one leg wrapped around Darius body, one hand on the back of his neck and the other hand pinned above my head.

We all had a little laugh. The older gentleman winked at us and said, “Looks like we interrupted a fun lift ride.”

I smiled embarrassingly.

As soon as we entered the room we got back to it (after I set up the camera of course).

We kissed, before he pulled my dress up, grabbed me around the waist, lifted me up and playfully threw me onto the bed. I hadn’t even realised he had taken his shirt off. He stood straight back up and I eagerly grabbed a hold of his pant buckle and undid it. I smiled as I took out his beautiful cock. I put it straight into my mouth, flicking my tongue over the tip of his cock that was almost twice as thick as my husband’s, the last cock I had. Before long he had moved me from the side of the bed to the floor and started to fuck my mouth a little harder.

After a couple of minutes of this, I stopped him, ran over to my phone and snapped a selfie with his cock and sent it off to Hubby. That would keep him satisfied for a bit, I thought.

Darius pushed me back onto my knees and continued to fuck my mouth. I could tell he had missed my mouth around his cock. His eyes a dead give away, as they constantly rolled into the back of his head.

It was like he had never left, the only difference, was his newfound sense of urgency to just have every part of me.

He stood me up, removed my bra and panties and laid me down onto the bed. Before, my back had even touched the bed, he was between my legs, eating my pussy like never before. It was like he hadn’t had sex since the last time I saw him. That, or he just really loves fucking me. He continued to use his tongue in a way that brought me right to the edge of orgasm, always interchanging between his tongue and his fingers.

Before long, he pushed me back down on the bed, grabbed a hold of my legs and spread them. At the same time he positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy before asking me how much I missed his cock.

My reply… “Very, very much!”

As he entered me, I let out a moan, seemingly forgetting how big he was.

He let my pussy adjust to his girth before he pushed my legs over his shoulders and fucked me…just like I remembered.

We fucked everywhere. In every position. He had me on all fours, on my side, up against the wall and of course me on top (I love being on top of guys with longer cocks as I can really squat fuck them- taking it all the way out before sliding all the way down). As he fucked me against the wall he made me squirt everywhere.

It’s just amazing that so many guys can make me do that, but Hubby hasn’t even come close.

It was like we went through the entire book of Karma Sutra. He lifted me up and fucked me like only he could, had me in a full nelson and of course, fucked me the hardest while I was on all fours in doggy style.

It was then that he said he wanted to fuck my ass again. Now, I remember last time I let him fuck my ass. I had felt like I had conquered Everest. So proud of myself. I also couldn’t walk properly the next day.

But hey, that wasn’t going to stop me. I grabbed the lube, knowing full well I was going to need it. I lubed up his cock, before I jumped on top of him. I slowly guided his cock to my asshole before slowly, lowering my asshole to the tip of his cock. Centimeter by centimeter, I slide his cock into my asshole. Lowering myself ever so slowly and stopping to let my asshole adjust.

He was so patient. He later told me though, that he had the biggest urge to start pounding away because my asshole was so tight, he thought he wouldn’t last long.

To his credit he did. Once my asshole had adjusted to the girth of his cock, we continued where we left off. My asshole becoming just another hole for his pleasure. He drilled me from below, I squat fucked him and even went reverse cowgirl.

If you have never had a girl go reverse cowgirl while your cock is in their ass. You are missing out. Because it is quite possibly the best view a guy will ever have.

There was no holding Darius back. He fucked my asshole like there was no tomorrow. Sliding it in and out, thrusting so hard my entire body shook. If there was to be a noise complaint, it would have been now. I was screaming and moaning in ecstasy, noises that I didn’t know I could make.

After a while he told me he was going to cum. Of course, I told him I’d prefer if he finished in my pussy though. I’m always thinking about Hubby and I knew he would love another creampie to clean up. Darius didn’t complain. We quickly washed up, yes I know it’s not sexy but ass to pussy is the easiest way for a UTI.

He wasn’t joking when he said he was going to cum. He laid me on the bed and slid into my sopping wet pussy. He put my legs over his shoulders before leaning forward so that my feet were near my head. It took him no time at all to blow his load into my pussy. I felt him spray his cum so deep into me, I knew even if Hubby cleaned me up, that I would be dripping his cum for days. It was quite possibly one of the biggest loads I had ever had inside of me. He must of shoot 15 ropes, minimum. I could feel each rope hit the inner walls of my pussy. If I wasn’t on birth control… this would definitely have made me a mother of 4.

We laughed as I scooped a bit out with my fingers and tasted it. Something I always do now. Just because I love what guys taste like. Kinky, I know right.

We joked for a bit before I let him know that he should visit way more often. He agreed.

I smiled as I thought to myself how perfect the life of a hotwife is. I mean I get the best of both worlds. I can be as slutty as I want when I crave cock, and there is no clinginess or drama attached to it. I literally can have my cake and eat it too. I mean isn’t this every guys dream. Just sex… with no drama.

I’m so lucky.