Pt. 22: "We Put On A Sex Show For The Construction Workers"

Where do I begin? Well, let’s go back to the beginning, shall we…

I used to watch a lot of porn. Scratch that, I watch a lot of porn. And if you couldn’t guess by now… my favorite porn is watching real/amateur cuckold couples. Now, to break it down a little more, I never had a specific interracial fetish or anything like that. I just love watching real wives being shared with other men.

One thing I hate more than anything else is the scripted stuff. You know, with the cringe acting and the really poorly written scenes. For me, it’s the biggest turn off. I found that on Pornhub and other tube sites, that’s all you find when you search “cuckold” or “hotwife.” So my go-to site was always Reddit: amateur couples posting real stuff. I would spend an entire weekend scrolling my phone with one hand in my panties, rubbing my clit, edging myself over and over until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Well, obviously, I took note of the accounts that would post on my favorite subreddits, and I came across one in particular that would always end up pushing me over the edge. His username was “areallyweakguy.” He was a bull and he traveled around the world fucking, more often than not, first-time hotwives.

Now, probably just as a lot of people do, I would picture myself in the place of the woman in the scene. Imagining what it would be like to be fucked by this bull. To let him use me like he has used so many other lucky women. Now this guy lived on the other side of the world from me. So never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think this scenario would be possible. So when he slid into my DMs, I was shocked. He was finally coming to Australia.

Things moved very quickly from there. And before I knew it, I was heading to a hotel in the city. After all these years… I would finally be that girl getting used by this dream bull. No more would I need to imagine myself as one of the girls in his videos.

I was a little nervous. Actually, very nervous. I guess I was a little intimidated. After all, he had fucked some of the most amazing women from all around the world. In my mind, I’m just this regular, everyday Aussie mother of 3. How would I stack up? Would he enjoy me? Could I blow his mind?

I headed into the hotel lobby and let him know I was there. It felt a little weird. Usually, it was me receiving the message and heading down to the lobby to pick up yet another guy to fuck me.

It didn’t take him long to come and collect me. We headed straight for the room. No mucking around… just the way I like it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the room was. I mean, it was a 5-star hotel and it had the most amazing city views of two of Australia’s most iconic landmarks. My thoughts headed straight to how amazing it would be to be fucked right in front of the window.

He excused himself for a minute as he went and showered. I silently went to enjoy the view. Thoughts of getting bent over the corner of the couch entering my mind. On one side, the Harbour Bridge and on the other side, the Opera House. I did notice out of the corner of my eye a large crane moving back and forth, on the construction site only a stone’s throw away from our window. I mean, we were 19 stories high so it never crossed my mind that people would be peeking into our hotel window.

He finally got out of the shower and went and sat in front of the window as I continued to admire the view. Although this time the view was his naked body. His cock catching my eye as it swung from side to side as he walked to the couch. We chatted for a little while, nothing noteworthy. I mean, my pussy was throbbing at just the thought of what was coming next… so I wasn’t really keen to continue the small talk. He leaned back into the corner of the couch which was directly under the window. I took that as my chance to get the show on the road.

I skipped over in front of him and fell straight to my knees. I grabbed his cock with one hand, taking note of how big it was and laughing at the thought of how big it would be once it was fully erect. I held it up next to my forearm… giggling to myself. I mean he wasn’t even semi yet and it was almost as thick as my arm.

I lubed up his cock with my spit and went to town. Now I’d love to say that I tried really hard to impress him with my cock sucking skills… but truth be told… if I have your cock in your mouth, you’re getting my best every time. Nothing turns me on more than a guy moaning as I suck his cock… watching their eyes roll to the back of their head… squirming to not shoot their cum into my mouth too quickly. I am, after all… a giver.

I sucked him for a while… taking his cock all the way down my throat. Flicking my tongue over the tip of his head and working my way up and down his thick shaft. He loved it. At one stage he told me I should “make a tutorial on sucking dick.” He also took note of how much I love sucking dick. I’m so glad he noticed. Although it’s not hard. I always suck cock with a smile on my face.

It wasn’t long before he had me take my top off… telling me that he just needed to see my tits. I happily obliged… revealing my tits. He smiled and if possible, I felt his cock throb in my hand. So, lubing his cock up with my spit once again, I decided to give him a tit job (Sidenote: it’s a lot easier to give a guy a tit job when they are as hung as him).

After sucking him for a little bit longer, he had finally had enough. He had me stand up and pull my skirt down before telling me to hop onto his cock.

He didn’t need to ask me twice. Without even removing my panties, I jumped on top of him. I slid my thong to the side and placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy before slowly lowering myself down. Inch by inch I took him. Feeling him stretch my pussy as it gripped his shaft and slowly took him further inside of me. We both moaned in pleasure.

I couldn’t believe how big he was. It didn’t take me long at all to get accustomed to the size of his cock as I let go of the reins and really started to ride him.

I always have so much fun riding hung guys. It just enables me to go higher before slamming back down, without the threat of his cock slipping out. I threw my head back and enjoyed every sensation his cock gave me.

Apparently, it felt as good as it felt for me because he stopped me a few times just to stop himself from cumming too quickly.

After recomposing himself, he had me go from riding his cock to squat fucking him. A feeling I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. His cock just went so deep. He soon stopped me again before holding me in position and drilling me from the bottom. I’m sure if anyone was in the rooms next to ours they would have known exactly what was going on.

He couldn’t take it much longer and soon after picked me up and put me on my back. Sliding into me almost immediately, he didn’t waste any time. Sometimes when I’m getting fucked, other thoughts run through my mind. Not this time. I was lost in ecstasy. In the moment. The only thought running through my mind was how deep he was thrusting into me. Over and over. Before I knew it, he was unloading shot after shot of cum into my married pussy.

Well, that didn’t take long. He got up and told me to prepare for round 2.

He went and got some water as I headed to my phone to message Hubby. Seven unread texts. Ahh, he is so impatient. I took a few selfies for him and even sent him a picture of all the cum that had leaked out of my pussy and into my panties.

As I stood there near the window, movement to my right caught my eye. It couldn’t be. I did a double take. Yep, it was. An entire row of tradies in their high-vis vests clapping, cheering, and waving at me from the construction site that looked directly into our hotel room. I laughed. Not believing what I was seeing. I even looked up and caught another few guys waving to me from the top of the crane.

I yelled out that it was official… we had put on a show for an entire crew of construction workers. As I moved away from the window, I noticed more and more tradies in their vests watching. They were everywhere. In the stairwells, looking through the unglazed and unbuilt windows. There must have been 30 of them all watching.

Well, at least they got a bit of a show. We both laughed about it as we laid down on the bed. Both still naked… only this time my panties and pussy were full of cum.

As we laid on the bed, I couldn’t help but notice how his cock was slowly getting hard again. I was impressed with his recoup time. As I laid there, I took note of how pretty his cock was. Not only was it huge but it’s definitely up there with one of the better-looking cocks I have had.

Without even thinking, I put his cock in my mouth again. I could tell he was as happy as I was that it was back in my mouth.

As he lay on the bed, we realized that most of the tradies had moved position so they had a direct line of sight of our bed. In my head… that meant only one thing. If they wanted to watch… let’s give them a show. I positioned myself between his legs on all fours with my ass raised towards our new voyeur friends.

We laughed as they continued to cheer us on and continued to tease them a little by closing the blinds for a bit.

As we shut the blinds, I continued to work his thick shaft down my throat until it was hard enough to ride again. I mounted him once again… loving how my pussy gripped around his thick cock.

It was then that we reopened the blinds and I let him have his way with me.

What I mean by that is that I submitted to every position he put me in. Doggy. Flat on my stomach. Side-on. I do love exploring new positions with new guys. They all seem to have their favorite. It also helps when he can put me and then fuck me in positions that are physically impossible for hubby. Especially since my ass seems to have gotten thicker with motherhood… sometimes it’s hard for hubby to reach certain spots.

I think his favorite position was me on my stomach, while he was in a push-up position. He would drop down and his cock would go so deep, my mind almost reached out to my safe place. What turns me on is the fact that I can be a hole for other guy’s pleasure. To lay there and have him use me over and over. To thrust his cock deeper and deeper.

I could feel him getting close again when he decided to move me back over to the window. This time though, he had me standing up against a wall and was fucking me from behind. Pulling my hair and spanking my ass. I didn’t want to look but I knew the construction crew was back. Watching us. I imagined what it would be like watching us from over there. I am sure they were all having a good laugh and I was secretly hoping they were all a little turned on.

I think we came to a silent consensus that we would give them the ending they wanted. He moved me right to the corner of the room, right in front of the floor-to-ceiling window that only the 5-star hotels with a view have.

He had me get on all fours as he fully mounted me from behind. He slid his cock in from behind and really went to work. Penetrating me so deep my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I felt every part of his amazing cock.

He let me know when he was about to cum for the second time before letting out a grunt and his cock erupted inside my pussy.

I kept my face against the window and looked out. I saw a lot more guys than I originally saw. It must have been the entire site’s crew watching and cheering.

Now that we both had cum, I felt a little self-conscious but proud nevertheless. I had come to get fucked by the bull I had first seen while browsing porn sites… yet here I was… with him… putting on a show for more guys than I could count.

What happened next was just as exciting. I mean not right away as we both had a shower and said our goodbyes.

Later that day I posted a little clip on Twitter, when my phone blew up with responses. Turns out one of the guys from the construction crew had recognized me. He was a long time twitter follower and had even subscribed to my fun pages. I mean what are the chances. 

He even sent me some footage that his crew had taken of us.

What a thrill. I guess I always knew I was a bit of an exhibitionist. But having so many people watch me really made everything so much better. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about it. I wonder what other adventures this could lead to?