Pt. 23: “I Let Them Put A Leash On Me: 1st Foray into BDSM”

For as long as I can remember Hubby has asked… no begged, to be my first and try a few things with me. Now these were things I was just a little trepid about. Go on then ask me… “what could it be that possibly makes you hesitate?”

Well don’t get me wrong. I’m all for trying out anything and everything. I mean please, find me a kinkier Aussie mum. I dare you. But, what I have now realised is that its not what he wanted to try with me… it’s the fact that it was him that wanted to try it.

Now as you know, I love my husband. But after starting this hotwife journey I realised that we seem to be on different levels sexually. I mean let’s put it this way… If you have ever played Mario Kart… he would play on 50cc and I play on 200cc. But the main reason I was always hesitant is that he is just not the dominant type.

Now I’m sure you are starting to get the picture of what he wanted to try. Think 50 Shades of Grey. Funnily enough, he actually went out and purchased a few things. He literally came home with a leash, hand and ankle cuffs, a ball gag, a paddle, whips and a blindfold and thought he would get to use it on me. And when he showed me, I laughed and told him if he thought he was using that on me… he was dreaming. I think he was a little hurt when I straight out giggled at him.

What really got him going though was when I walked straight up to him, grabbed the leash out of his hands, wrapped it around him and whispered in his ear… “You are going to have so much fun watching other men use this on me.”

I felt his cock immediately get hard in his pants. I gave his neck a little nibble, told him to pack it away and left it at that.

But trying to keep the thought of someone using all the things that Hubby purchased on me was a lot harder than I expected. Over the next few days my thoughts kept coming back to the leash and ball gag. And at the worst possible times as well. I mean I’d be sitting in my office at work and my mind would just picture me being cuffed, leashed and gagged over my office desk. I mean I knew why Hubby had purchased it. He has been interested in tying me up and dominating me for as long as I can remember. I just don’t think the dominant role is for him. But what I do know, is that this lucky hotwife knows 1 or 2 guys that would definitely fit the role.

Imagine how hot it would be if I came home one night and showed Hubby a video of me playing with the BDSM kit he had bought. Only it was another guy using it on me. Imagine how hard Hubby would get, how quick he would cum, if he saw me be a proper submissive. Tied up. Spanked. Whipped and leashed.

Oh, I wish I could bottle my thoughts and share them all with you. Sometimes I even surprise myself.

So, over the next few days I messaged a couple of guys to check their availability.

Of course, when I message the guys, things usually get pretty hot and when I know I want something, things tend to come together quite quickly. It never hurts when they receive surprise texts with a question mark and a selfie of me with a collar and leash on.

So what was the timeline of this all happening?  Well, between Hubby showing me what he bought and me organising a date it was just over a week.

Hubby knows I usually stay back on a Friday night for after work drinks. Although this time there was no socialising. It was straight to the hotel to meet Darius.

Up in the room Darius couldn’t believe his luck. He literally said that he had been waiting so long to find a girl as open to kink play as me.

I had changed into my lingerie before he had arrived. Several naughty thoughts running through my mind as I put the cuffs on my wrist. If only Hubby knew that I was currently putting cuffs on in a hotel bathroom, knowing full well that I was about to be cuffed and fucked.

It didn’t take us long to get into. Although, I have to prewarn you that it wasn’t the kinky fuck I had envisioned. Not saying that it wasn’t amazing. As it always is with Darius.

The only difference between this fuck and our regular fucks was that at times my hands were cuffed behind my back. Which sort of limited me. Because with him, all I want to do is explore his body… more specifically his amazing cock.

He had me get down on my knees and pleasure him with my mouth. I don’t think pleasure is the right word. I worship his cock. I run my tongue over every inch of his cock before flicking my tongue over his balls. Looking him directly in the eyes as I do so. I take him deep before pulling back, letting all the spit and saliva drool from my mouth. He loves a sloppy blowjob.

He grabs my head as my mouth is full of his cock. I let out moans, letting him know how much I enjoy it when he takes control and fucks my mouth.

Before long he lets me know he won’t last much longer.

And that’s when he fucks me. Exactly how I love it. Exactly how hubby hasn’t fucked me in a decade of marriage.

He puts me in doggy, my hands cuffed behind my back.

He fucks me standing up. The position that makes me squirt every time with him.

He has me ride him reverse cowgirl style. Always playing with my asshole as I spread my cheeks nice and wide.  

Before finally turning me around. When he does. I know exactly what’s about to happen. It doesn’t take too long before I feel his cock throb and he unleashes a lot of built up cum into my pussy.

Apparently, he hadn’t cum in a while because it felt like a waterfall of cum as I raised myself off his cock. Not that I was complaining. Nothing feels hotter than having another man’s cum run down my leg.

I was satisfied… but was I fully satisfied. No. Definitely not. I wanted more.

On the drive home I decided I was going to get more.

The plan. Message another one of my bulls to see if they could satisfy my needs.

That’s exactly what I did. I actually pulled over before I got home and went through the guys I knew. I stopped on Adam’s name. He would have been perfect. I mean he basically brought out the submissiveness that had been locked away in me.

Fuck it… I messaged him. I knew he was overseas but worst-case scenario we sexted for a bit.

Before I had even put my phone down and pulled out to start driving again. My phone lit up. He must have been on his phone. And guess what? Turns out he was back in town. I couldn’t believe my luck. The timing was amazing because he was only here for a stop over before flying out again.

Alright, my brain went to work mode. How was I to make this happen? Or more specifically, how could I make this happen without Hubby knowing?

I walked back into the house and Hubby was already asleep. Perfect, I thought. I didn’t need to hide the fact that cum was still streaming out of my pussy. I went straight to shower before jumping into bed and cuddling up with him… my plans for the next day already made.

The plan. Well I was having dinner and drinks with a few friends… so the plan was to leave them a little early. I mean “dicks before chicks” right?

Everything went to plan. Adam arrived… a lot more excited than he usually was. From the moment he walked through the door, I knew I was about to get everything I had ever craved.

He didn’t even say hello. He walked straight up to me… kissed my neck and told me I was going to do everything he said.

I nodded before he had me lay down on my back, on the bed.

I looked up as Adam took his pants off. But leaving everything else on. Dam I thought. I would have loved to get a look at his cock. It had been so long.

After he took off his pants, he moved over to my head and pushed my arms above it. He cuffed me. Right there and then I was so excited. I reckon my pussy was so wet it would have been dripping down my legs.

He then moved down to my bottom half. Where he slid my skirt up and spread my legs. Teasing my pussy as he did. I was so jumpy. I was on edge. Every time he touched me, my body reacted. I just needed him at that moment but I knew the teasing would continue.

He then cuffed my ankles before moving back up to stand next to my head. I knew exactly what was coming next. The ball gag. He put it in my mouth before buckling the strap around my head. I think he realised that was a mistake though. Because as soon as he had buckled it, he then removed the gag from my mouth, straddled my face and fed me his cock. Oh, this was going to be so much fun, I thought to myself. He then leant forward, putting us in the traditional 69 position and started eating my pussy. Now for those of you that don’t know, Adam was the first person to ever make me cum from oral. And he will forever be the best at eating pussy (yes that’s a challenge to any potential new bulls).

As he ate my pussy he slowly started to fuck my face. I let him because I know how much guys love having full control. But more importantly I let him because I love it.

Soon after, he got up and put on the thing I was really wanting. The collar and leash. I don’t know what makes it so hot. The fact that it is so degrading. Or the fact that Hubby has wanted to leash me for so long and I keep denying him. OR the fact that with this…I was giving up full control.

He turned me around, by the leash, and had me get on all fours. Where the teasing really started.

I felt something warm and oily being poured all over my ass, which was high in the air as my face was pressed into the bed. Adam had just messaged coconut oil all over my ass and pussy. Oh, he was good.

I don’t know how to describe what happened next. But it was hell for me. He teased me and edged me until I was begging for his cock. And when I begged, he gave me the paddle. Leaving my ass red and marked.

I was in pure ecstasy and agony at the same time and I loved it. He would slowly slide his fingers into both of my holes. And I found myself pushing myself back and gyrating on his fingers. I wanted him. I needed him. And he knew it.

He finally gave in to what I wanted and slid his cock into me. Thank God. His edging was next level.

That’s when I let myself go. I let him do whatever he wanted with me. He fucked me from behind. Spun me around. Folded me in half. All the while using the paddle and pulling on my collar and leash.

About halfway through, when he had bent me over the edge of the bed, we had an unwelcome visit from room service. He 100% knew what was happening in the room and definitely wanted to get a good look.

After sending him on his way we continued where we left off… (although by that stage both my phones had died).

After continuing to discipline me on all fours with the paddle… he finally had me get on my knees and get to work on his cock… and his asshole.

He used the leash to pull me closer, stop me and even to let me know he wanted his ass rimmed. And that’s exactly what I did. I gave his asshole a good lashing with my tongue.

Until he came down my throat making sure I swallowed it all without leaving a drop.

And now I was satisfied.

I just got exactly what I wanted. My first and definitely not my last taste of BDSM.

I was so red. Smelt like sex. And so proud of myself. I’m not sure why? But I think knowing I was about to blow my husband’s mind was a big part of it.

Adam and I said our goodbyes… rather hurriedly I have to admit, because I wanted nothing more than to get home to Hubby and show him what a good hotwife I was.

As soon as I walked through the door, I took off my skirt and walked passed him watching the footy. He saw it. I mean you couldn’t not see it. My ass was red and marked.

His jaw almost hit the floor.

I didn’t say anything else. I grabbed a portable charger, turned my phone back on and showed him not only tonight’s videos. But the previous nights as well.

As he sat there and watched them, with his cock in his hand, I went and had a well deserved bath.