Pt. 25 “He Told Me He Had A Breeding Kink- So I Let Him Creampie Me 3 Times”

As you can imagine I talk to a lot of guys. And one thing that is a recurrent theme, is the breeding fetish. If you aren’t familiar and have ever wondered what’s behind men’s fascination with the ‘breeding kink,’ especially when it involves another woman’s husband?
Well for starters, there’s something undeniably thrilling about being desired by someone who’s already taken – it’s like being the forbidden fruit. Humans are wired to crave what’s off-limits, and there’s nothing quite like the taboo allure of getting frisky with another guy’s wife. Then there’s the element of power and control, the feeling of being irresistibly attractive and alluring. And of course, there’s the sheer excitement of pushing the boundaries of traditional relationships. Engaging in sexual activities with another man’s wife involves a dynamic of power. I guess some guys find the idea of impregnating another man’s wife to be a form of asserting dominance and lately I know all about that.

So on my early lunch break at work, I opened one of my dating apps and scrolled through some of the many, many messages I get. And one stood out more than the others. You could say it definitely intrigued me.

“Hey I’m American and I’m in town for the next couple of nights. I have followed your page for a while… oh and I have a massive breeding fetish.”

That’s all it said. Oh and of course he attached a picture and from there I had my mind made up. Within minutes I had told work I was leaving early, booked a hotel and of course messaged Hubby with nothing but a place and time of where to meet me.

He tells me all the time that he enjoys every time I do this. You know make spontaneous dates in the middle of the work week. Obviously he can tell when I’m feeling in the mood, but he absolutely loves it when I message him with a time and place.

I can just imagine his mind running through a thousand scenarios and all the unanswered questions he has, all while having a hard on that he has to hide, wherever he is, in the middle of the day.

I wrapped up my after lunch meeting quite hastily and jumped in the car. Not long after I was checking into reception before heading up to my room and taking a quick shower.

The race was on… who was going to get their first…Hubby with his hard on and a thousand questions…or my new friend with a breeding kink?

And for the first time ever, it wasn’t Hubby who arrived next. My new friend (let’s call him- Corey) texted me and I let him know the room number. I texted Hubby and let him know he better hurry or he was going to miss the show.

As I got acquainted with Corey I couldn’t help notice how big and strong he looked. Now I like all type of guys but when I see a guy who I know could toss me around like a doll, I get those pussy flutters you hear about. It’s like when your body shivers with excitement although it is limited  to within my pussy.

We flirted for a bit and I was glad to know that Corey was very hands on. As we chatted he came and sat right next to me, placing one hand on my thigh and one hand around my shoulders. I snuggled right in and we continued talking. Waiting for Hubby to show up.

After 10 or so minutes had passed Hubby knocked on the door. What he didn’t know was that I had left it slightly ajar. Why? Because I was hoping that Corey and I had got started so Hubby could walk straight in and catch me in the act (seriously, how do I come up with these ideas…if you could get into my mind for day, you’d be shocked at the things I think about).

I called out to Hubby that it was open (quickly regretting that because I wasn’t entirely sure it was him) and in he walked. He turned and smiled at what he saw next. Both of us on the couch snuggled up, with Corey’s hand up my skirt slowly caressing my pussy through my already wet panties.

“You guys started already?” Hubby asked.

I replied, “Of course not, we need our cameraman!”

And with that I stood up, grabbed Corey by the hand, walked him straight past Hubby and into the bedroom.

Hubby got the hint and followed like a dedicated puppy.

And from there I realised I had finally found someone who might be as good at sex as I am. Not to boast or anything like that. But it was the first time in a long time where I let someone take complete control and just enjoyed myself.

Hubby sat in the corner with his phone in one hand and his other hand rubbing his cock through his shorts. Meanwhile Corey started to kiss me while he undressed me right in front of Hubby.

He bent me over the back of the bed, not more then 30cms from Hubby and slowly pulled my panties. Hubby must of had the best view as my pussy was exposed to yet another man I had only just connected with.

After playing my pussy and my asshole in full view of my Hubby he moved me from the bed to my knees where he was intent on making my nose touch his belly. And that’s exactly what happened. As Hubby came even closer to get a better view, Corey proceeded to change between face fucking me and having my slurp all over his cock like I was sucking on a very juicy paddlepop. The drool was all over my face as he fucked my mouth without hesitation. He had me deep throat him, holding my head in place so I couldn’t move and I loved it. I would flick my eyes over to Hubby as Corey’s entire cock was in my mouth and his balls resting on my chin.

Hubby was once again in shock, a pleasant shock, only this time his cock was out in his hand. I noticed Hubby would look away every time Corey would take his cock out and slap on my tongue. I asked him after why he did that and he said if he had continued to watch he would of blew his load right there and then.

After about 5 minutes getting my mouth fucked he finally picked me up and bent me over the bed. Admiring my holes for a brief minute before sliding into me with ease. His cock was so wet from face fucking my mouth he slide right in. A slight “oh” noise coming from my mouth as I finally had my pussy filled.

From there he had his way with me. Moving me into all sorts of positions. But what he did have was an obsession with my asshole. In every position he made sure he had a great view of my tight asshole. Often spitting on it so he could slide a finger or two.

I fucken loved it. There is nothing better than having a finger or two penetrating the opening of your asshole as your pussy is filled with a big cock.

He then turned me over and fucked me with my legs by my ears and in a few positions I have never been fucked in before. He even straddled my face. There was one when he was in what could only be called a reverse cowboy position with my legs pointing towards my head and from there he could fuck my pussy while fingering my asshole. It was amazing. My description definitely does not do it justice.

I finally got on top, rode and bounced on him until I came all over his cock, turning to Hubby and smiling because he always knows when I cum.

After this he put me back on my back, bending my leg over so he could get a good view of my asshole as he pumped his cock into my pussy. I knew he was getting close to doing exactly what he wanted. I begged him over and over to fill me up. To cum deep in my pussy. And that’s what he did. I don’t think I have ever had a load so big in my pussy.

He pulled his cock out and felt it go everywhere. Spilling out and dripping down my legs.

Once again I turned to Hubby, told him to spit his gum out and clean me up.

And he did. So willingly now. Its been such an evolution. He use to be hesitant and nervous. And now he knows when I ask for it. That’s what he has to do. He got down on his knees, looked up at me and I whispered “dinner time” and he dived right in. He wasn’t so much as licking the cum off me but drinking it. There was so much. Once he had finished he came up and gave me a big cum kiss. I could taste it on him, and I even was a good wife and cleaned some off his lips and chin.

But little did I know the fun had only just started. We hoped into the shower together while Hubby went and sat on the couch. And of course Corey was a handsy as ever. We made out while we cleaned each other’s bodies before he whispered in my ear… “you should send Hubby home so I can have you all to myself.”

I looked up at him. I had never sent Hubby home in the middle of a date before. I wonder how he would react. Fuck it I thought. I could use another orgasm.

I called Hubby into the shower and told him he could leave now. He looked confused until I said, “I want Corey all to myself.”

Hubby agreed slightly disappointed but very turned on. He left the shower and went and put his shoes on just as Corey lifted me up and held me against the wall.

I heard Hubby call out “have fun” and the door shut. It must have been the hardest thing in the world to walk out while I was just about to be fucked in the shower.

Now I am not the biggest fan of shower sex but this was different. He held me up against the wall as I bounced up and down his cock. Holding me in place. Something Hubby would never be able to do. We continued to kiss before he got me out of the shower and bent over the bathroom vanity. I got to watch in the mirror as he fucked me from behind.

Turns out Corey was holding back while Hubby was here. Now that he was gone he had no issue with pile driving me and making me his personal sex doll. I was also super impressed with his reboot time.

Once we dried off we moved back to the bedroom where I rode him again until I came. I mean its been a while since I had multiple orgasms in a session. He then turned me over and I couldn’t believe it. He filled me up again. This time I gave him a little more prompting by playing his breeding kink and telling hi to put a baby in me. I’m sure if I wasn’t on contraception his huge loads would have done exactly that.

We finally had a longer break and chit chatted for a bit. I messaged Hubby to let him know that I came again and also that my pussy was once again filled with another man’s cum. He sent me back a crying face emoji because he missed it but I know how as secretly somewhere, jerking off and waiting on edge to get that update. I sent him a little video of the cum leaking out of my pussy which he really enjoyed.

After a longer break this time we got back into it. Only this time he fucked my ass. He commented on how I couldn’t believe that on his little holiday he happened to come past the one Aussie who was into creampies and anal sex. I told him he wasn’t looking hard enough because there was definitely a few of us out there. I mean maybe not as fun as me but us Aussies are quite kinky.

It took him a while to slide into my tight asshole. But once he did I was in heaven. The entire time he was fucking my ass I was thinking about how jealous my husband would be.

He started in dogging and asked me to spread my cheeks so he could get a better view as he pushed his cock into my asshole. He fucked me for a while, so much so that I had my face in my pillow screaming in pleasure. He then spun me around, pushed my legs up next to my ears and once again pushed his cock into my asshole.

From here he fucked me until he came a third time. Of course not before I had an anally induced orgasm for the first time with one of my bulls. He was just hitting all the right spots.

2 and a bit hours after Hubby left, 2 more orgasms, 2 more creampies and we were finally finished. I messaged Hubby and told him we were just wrapping up. He thought I would have been home a long time ago. But I knew he was waiting for me to come home and tell him blow by blow what happened.

We had one more shower together, which was rather intimate for two people who had just met, but I guess okay since we had both shared multiple orgasms together.

I drove home, feeling used but happy and fell straight into Hubby’s arms when I walked through the door. He couldn’t believe I had spent so much longer with Corey after I had already orgasmed and thought for sure it would have been a quickie and then back home. Not a 2 and a half hour fuck fest without him being their to watch.

He was okay though as I gave him a very detailed explanation and showed him the videos of my phone. He is so easy to please.

By far and away one of the best fucks I have ever had and I’m glad I got to fulfill his breeding kink.

Welcome to Australia I guess. I’m pretty sure he will definitely be making a return trip.