Pt. 26 “3 Fans Fucked Me In Front of Hubby”

It has been a while. I have been so busy lately with life, and this latest update has been in the works for a very long time. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. Let me tell you honestly that this has been on my to-do list for a very long time. I don’t think I’ve discussed the intricacies of finding a guy to have sex with. In an ideal world, I would have a constant stream of guys lined up to sleep with me, but I guess not every guy is okay with Hubby watching or joining in. I guess you could say that it is not as easy as you think to find guys willing to play with me. So, what happened next might just be the way I move forward in the future.

It was the end of April, and I was sick of messaging constant small talk with guys who I knew wouldn’t really be down with my situation. A lot of dating apps, dating sites, inboxes, etc. I just wanted to be fucked. And fucked properly. So, I finally got the courage to make an open call out to my X followers. I basically gave them an opportunity to slide into my DMs with a reason why they should slide into my holes.

And it worked. Well, I thought it did. I spent the next couple of days scrolling through the messages, and I was pleased to see that there were definitely many matches. I’ll be honest, though. There were a few things that made people stand out. The main thing was that they had messaged me on their real accounts. It was just so much easier to verify that they weren’t wasting my time.

In the end, I had narrowed it down to two guys. Then I thought, fuck it. Let’s message a few more. I think at one stage I had five guys arranged to come and fuck me. A lot of the guys had been following me for a long time, so they were super eager.

And of course… nothing ever goes to plan.

I had finally managed to get the guys together… the hotel together… both Hubby and I had taken the day off work, and what happens? You know it. Three of the five guys pull out. I think at one stage I only had one confirmed. What a letdown. So, after being all amped up and excited, now only one guy could come. I wasn’t having it. I messaged a few more guys and managed to scrape together another two. Thank fuck. I would have been so disappointed if this didn’t go to plan.

Just promise me you’re not the guy who pulls out of plans at the last minute (did you catch the pun here?).

So, after what was meant to be a stress-free morning… I could finally relax. Everything was in place. Hubby watched me get ready. I told him I wasn’t going to bother with any undergarments. I mean, what’s the point? They all come off eventually. So, I put on a tight white top and a nice skirt.

Hubby always follows me around when he knows I’m about to go on a date. He is like a little puppy. So, just like a puppy, I played with him. I had him make me a nice warm tea and sat down on the living room couch.

He looked at me with his big eyes, and I slowly opened my legs and, without taking my eyes off him, pointed him towards my already dripping pussy. Now, I usually don’t like him touching me before a date, especially before a date where I know multiple men will be pleasuring me. But today was different. I wanted to tease him. To edge him.

He got down on his knees and used his tongue (although inadequately) and played with my pussy. His wife’s pussy. The one that, in a few hours, would be very well used.

He continued to lick my pussy until I finished my cup of tea before I told him to get up and get the car ready.

Thirty minutes later, we were checking into the hotel. It was a new hotel and one that is very suited to my hotwife lifestyle. The lobby is downstairs near the car park, but there are two different entrances. One which you could access directly from the car park without having to go past the reception. And an added bonus was that you didn’t need a key card to get up to the room.

By the time I had Hubby check in for us, our first follower had turned up. We all headed up to the room together. Small talk along the way. I love these small talks now. They are still so funny to me. I mean, in about twenty minutes, I knew I’d either be on my knees sucking his cock or on all fours getting drilled by him. So, no matter what, you’ll always find me either giggling to myself or daydreaming while this is happening.

Not long after, my second follower arrived. Again, we engaged in small talk, although Hubby took more of the lead as I prepared myself to finally get fucked. Hubby let us all know that the third follower was running a bit late. They were still all talking when I walked out of the bathroom.

It didn’t take them long to stop, though, as I stood in the middle of the lounge room and took my skirt off. I then lifted my shirt over my head, threw it on the table, and walked into the bedroom. I was sure that got their attention (well, actually, a part of me thought, what would happen if they didn’t follow me… that would be a fail). But it worked. All three of them got up, took their clothes off (except Hubby), and followed me into the bedroom.

And just like that, I was on my knees with two beautiful cocks in my face. Both of them semi-hard and not fully erect. Within a second, I had a good grasp of both cocks, one which was smaller than average but very aesthetically pleasing, and the other I could tell would be on the larger side.

I was finally back doing what I love: pleasuring two men while somewhere in the room Hubby was no doubt fully erect watching this all unfold. I was on my knees for a while. A cock in each hand and swapping my mouth from cock to cock. I think at one stage Hubby joined, and I had three cocks around me. One in each hand and another in my mouth.

They all enjoyed it when I really made it nice and sloppy, using my spit to lube them up so they could fuck my face. My eyes began to water as they really used my mouth. I can’t remember who it was, but I could definitely tell they had a thing for face-fucking.

As my jaw started to ache, I finally told them to choose who wanted to fuck me first. I watched Hubby’s eyes light up when I said this.

The face-fucking had set the scene, though. From that moment on, I knew I was going to be properly used. Just like I love to be. Like a doll for other men’s pleasure.

I wasn’t wrong. As I slid up onto the bed and put my head on Hubby’s lap, the first guy (with the smaller but very pretty cock) followed me and propped himself up between my legs. I want to say he slid in nice and easy, but he definitely didn’t. He went from zero to one hundred real quick. I mean, I am glad that my pussy is always wet. He thrusted inside me and went to town. Within seconds, he had my legs pushed up so my knees were next to my ears. I got the feeling this might have been his first fuck in a long, long time. He continued thrusting his cock into my pussy, my pussy slowly acclimatising to how hard he was fucking me, my moans giving away how much I was enjoying it.

Hubby then moved off the bed to get a better view, and guy number two quickly took his position, his cock now fully erect. It had a curve to it that I had never seen before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how big it was. It might have been in my top five for size (I later found out he was also the youngest guy that had ever fucked me – I could tell because he had a lot of stamina).

I was then moved from position to position, at all times having a cock in my mouth and my pussy. They rotated between both holes and often changing positions from traditional spit-roast to me on my back, looking up at one of them between my legs and one with their cock resting on my face.

They both could tell I was enjoying it. As did Hubby, who kept reminding me to be quiet before we got another noise complaint. He said he heard noises that he had never heard before. I told him it was definitely due to the nature of the fuck. I don’t think I have ever been fucked so hard before, and that is saying something. But the good thing was that having a cock in my mouth works a treat to muffle the sounds I was making.

They both also really enjoyed spanking me when they were fucking me in doggy. My arse soon becoming red and bruised.

Guy number one also really enjoyed my tits. I do love a guy that gives my tits some attention. And that definitely stems from the fact that Hubby has neglected them for the last decade. He had me titty-fuck him, which was a highlight for me.

After a while, guy number one traded places with guy number two and looked down at me and asked if he could shoot his load in my mouth. I laughed, telling him he definitely didn’t need to ask permission.

It didn’t take him long at all. And I was certainly correct with my previous assumption that he hadn’t fucked for a while. But he was obviously saving his load for me as well because, without a doubt, this was the largest load I had ever received.

As I was getting fucked from behind, he held my face and shot his load down my throat. It was never-ending… shot after shot hit the back of my throat, and I struggled to keep it all in my mouth… but I did. Slowly opening my mouth to reveal to my Hubby how full of cum it was. I looked Hubby in the eye as I swallowed it all with a big smile. I know he loves it when I’m a proper cum slut.

Just as I swallowed, there was a knock on the door.

What perfect timing. The third follower had finally arrived. Now, he was a regular commentator on all my posts, so I could definitely tell he was happy to be here but devastated that he was late and had missed part of the show.

But he didn’t need to worry. I had plenty left to give. Within no time, he was in the room with his cock in my mouth as the second guy continued to fuck me. Now, I did mention that he had a curve to his cock that I had never seen before. And that is saying something because, trust me when I say, I have seen and rated a lot of cocks. Anyway… his cock curved almost straight up, and there was a nice U shape to it. It is literally like it was crafted to hit a woman’s G-spot. And it did. And it felt amazing.

He had me standing up as I sucked my latest arrival. God, I love being spit-roasted. As he fucked me from behind, I had guy number three in my mouth. Without realising it, I was using my best milking technique. A technique I always reserve for my Hubby when we don’t have time and I need him to feed me his cum. I guess it works on most guys because I heard a soft “no”, and then without warning, my mouth was, for the second time today, being filled with cum. This time, though, it dripped all over my chin. I looked up at Hubby and once again smiled. He loves the sight of me having cum all over me. But the sight of me having another man’s cum drip down my chin would really set him off.

I cleaned the cum from my chin, swallowing it all and the cum that was on guy number three’s hand and cock. No cum goes wasted when I am around.

So now there was just one. Guy number two. I guess it’s true what they say… younger guys really do have good stamina. But now he had me all to himself. And even better, I had his cock all to myself.

I rode him for the first time. His cock hit all the right spots as I bounced up and down. I remember turning to Hubby to ask him if he could see how high I could get when I ride a cock bigger than his. He smiled embarrassingly. He loves it when I belittle him in front of other men.

The second guy soon turned me over and really started fucking me from behind. Without a cock in my mouth, I had to request a pillow so I didn’t have to control my moaning.

After a while, I felt him getting close. He pulled out and finished all over my back. Boom. Finishing three guys always makes me feel proud. But I wasn’t done.

I turned to Hubby and smiled. He knew exactly what was going to happen now.

“Come and clean it,” I said.

And that’s exactly what he did as I sucked the rest of the cum off the guy’s cock. We shared a very passionate cum kiss once he had done.

But when I said I wasn’t done, I wasn’t lying. As Hubby left the room to get some water, the first guy pushed me down to my knees and had me suck him again. He laughed and told me he wanted to cum one more time before he left. Who am I to deny him what he wants? I got on my knees and slowly used my tongue to tease his cock before letting him once again fuck my face.

He pushed my mouth away, and I got the hint. Opening my mouth wide and sticking my tongue out. Ready for another load. This time, though, he painted my face with his cum. Purposely shooting his load all over my mouth instead of in it. One of my first real facials from another guy. And I loved it.

I didn’t even bother cleaning it up. I just left it on my face as the first guy quickly got dressed and left.

As a people pleaser, though, I wasn’t satisfied. I knew guy number three was a little disappointed he had cum so quickly, so I treated him to some special treatment. I looked directly at Hubby as I asked the third guy if I could rim his arse. I could see Hubby’s reaction, and I smiled. I knew it would be the ultimate tease for him. Having to watch as I rimmed one of my followers.

I slid up between his legs and slowly sucked his cock, sneaking a look at Hubby one last time. I pushed my follower’s legs up and stuck my tongue in his arsehole. I then lubed it up with my spit and proceeded to use my tongue to rim around his arse. Interchanging between big licks and pushing my tongue into his tight arsehole.

I could hear two sets of moans as both my follower and Hubby appreciated my rimming skills.

After a while, Hubby got behind me and started fucking me from behind. I can’t imagine what was going through his mind as he fucked my used pussy while watching me tongue another man’s arsehole. I’m surprised he didn’t blow right there and then.

Soon after, my follower pulled me onto his cock as I once again milked another load out of his cock. I was a very, very satisfied wife. Four loads down my throat and one all over my arse, which Hubby willingly cleaned up. What more could a Hotwife want?

If all my followers fuck like this, I might just have to make this a regular thing.