Pt. 24: "Cobblers Beach: I Got Fucked In Front Of An Audience"

So, I finally experienced my first nude beach here in Australia. It has been something I have been wanting to do forever. But I always said that if I went nude, Hubby had to go nude too. And I guess he wasn’t as open to the idea of getting his kit off in front of others.

I guess he finally came around to it though. After a lot umming and ahhing, and a few social media posts to ask for some advice, we finally settled on Cobblers and Obelisk Beach. The consensus was that Obelisk was best in the morning for the morning sun and then you should head over to Cobblers to get the afternoon sun. So that’s exactly what we did.

We made the trip to Sydney, nervous and excited at the same time. I guess the nerves stemmed from some ‘one off ‘stories we had heard. But we needn’t have worried…because everyone seemed to be so friendly.

There was no gawking or leering and I guess we picked a good day because it wasn’t super busy either. Actually, compared to a clothed beach, the vibe was so much more friendly.

When we arrived at Obelisk and took the trail down, we couldn’t help but notice how nice a beach it was. The water was crystal clear and the seclusion of the beach made everything seem peaceful.

It didn’t take us long for the walk down and we found a spot between two solo guys. It took me all of 10 seconds to get my swimsuit off. Hubby was in shock. I think he still hasn’t come to terms with how confident I now am in my body.

I laughed at him as I told him it was his turn and he told me he wasn’t ready yet. His reason… because he said as soon as he saw me naked in front of all these strangers his cock had instantly got erect.

I told him it wasn’t going to get any easier and I’m sure it happens all the time. I sat down on the rocks we had settled on told him to get the sunscreen out… I mean after all, it was one of the first times all my pink bits would be exposed to the Aussie sun.

He gladly rubbed the caressed the cream, before I returned the favour. I let him know there was no point me putting the cream on unless he got naked with me and he finally agreed.

He stood up, and slid down his pants, his cock almost hit me in the face it was that hard. He immediately sat back down, embarrassed at his situation. Oh this was going to be a real fun day I thought to myself.

I finished putting the cream on, slowly teasing his cock, balls and asshole while I did. He squirmed every time I touched him, insisting that I stop teasing him.

We both laid there, in the perfect spot, surveying the picturesque beach. I went down to test the water, giving Hubby a bit of time to sort out his situation, before waving him over to join me.

We frolicked around in the water for a while, talking to a few older guys who came to say hello and having a chat with a beautiful European woman. The nude beach goers were quite diverse. I would say majority of our fellow nudists were slightly older than us with about 90% being men.

We headed back to our spot on the rocks to get some more sun. As I laid there in the sun, I noticed that Hubby was semi erect again and some precum was glistening off the tip of his cock.

I flicked my finger around the head of his cock, in a swirling action to make sure I cleaned as much of the precum onto my finger as I could before I looked Hubby in the eyes and slowly put my finger in my mouth. He smiled at me as I did it again, only this time putting my finger into his mouth… I know I’m such a tease. His face went really red though and I could see him change position to hide his ever-growing cock. He whispered in my ear that the guys behind us had watched that entire scene play out and they all had a smile on their face.

Not long after we put our clothes back on and headed over to Cobblers Beach. It didn’t take long, they literally are only 5 minutes from each other. We headed over to the grass hill, as the sand was already full of nudists.

On our way down to the beach, I slipped my favourite buttplug in. I won’t lie to everyone, being naked in front of so many people had really put me in the mood. I asked Hubby if he could see the buttplug when I was just walking. He smiled and said, “Yep!” Everyone on the beach would be able to see it. Ahh well I thought.

After setting up base on the grassy hill we adventured down to have a swim and explore the beach. It wasn’t as pretty as Obelisk but it certainly was more full and the demographics here were a much younger crowd and a lot more women.

After another dip we headed back to the grass where we set up camp. We right at the edge of the grass area and there looked like a beautiful little track that a lot of people were coming up and back from.

Curiosity (and the thought of finding a secluded spot we could have some fun in) got the best of us and we headed up the track. We passed a few couples sitting on the rocks overlooking the beach and a few single guys enjoying the view as well. We walked up the track, stopping every time we found a nice view, although not for long as the spots weren’t as secluded as I thought and people would stop and watch.

We finally headed up into the bushes a bit further before heading through some undergrowth and around to a rock which overlooked the water. The perfect spot… or so we thought.

Hubby sat down on the rocks and I got on my knees sucking his cock while Hubby looked out and enjoyed the view. I reckon after about a minute and a half he picked me up, and bent me over the rock he was just sitting on. He told me he wouldn’t last long at all (it must have been all the teasing- or maybe it was me parading around a beach with nothing but my buttplug in).

Just before he slid it into me he stopped. He lent over and whispered into my ear, “babe, we have a bit of a crowd watching us…”

I looked up and couldn’t believe it. Almost every person we had passed on the trail, even the couple had joined us. Now we had thought we had found a really secluded spot. But apparently not. I think I counted about 8 people, standing there and watching. One guy was not even a meter from us.

I bent back over and told Hubby to keep fucking me. I mean, I wasn’t going to stop now.

I put the people out of my mind although I did hear a lot more rustling of bushes and the undeniable sound of guys stroking their cocks.

I noticed Hubby really pick up the tempo (it must have been the audience). Who knew he’d enjoy being an exhibitionist with so many voyeurs watching. I couldn’t help but moan. The combined sounds of sex and my moans penetrating the calmness of the beautiful backdrop.

As I moaned louder and louder, and the sounds of my wet pussy really pierced the air, I felt Hubby start to cum. We must of unlocked a new kink of his because I don’t think my pussy has ever been so full of cum.

As he pulled out I looked up again and would you believe it, there was even more people there (Hubby later told me he counted 12 at its peak). I don’t know what they were expecting though as Hubby and I both stood up. We basically walked the gauntlet as our audience started to disperse. We walked straight pass the majority of the guys still there and I couldn’t help but notice how many hard cocks there were.

Yes, the thought of helping them empty their loads too did cross my mind. But it might of been all too much for Hubby now that he had cum. We made our way back to the beach, slowly so that Hubby’s erection could settle before we headed back to the water.

I have no doubt in my mind that a few people must of spotted all the cum running down my leg.

We enjoyed the rest of the day, in and around the water and chatting to a few lovely locals.

All in all, my first nude beach experience was quite fun. Not what I expected at all, but something I’ll be making a regular thing.

We later found out that the bushes at Cobblers is notorious for voyeurs and other shenanigans. I guess we didn’t do as much research as we thought.