Pt. 2: The First Fuck

So to continue where we left off…

Hubby basically jumped me when I walked in the door! I literally held out my finger… stopped him in his tracks and I told him to sit down and wait for me…

I didn’t have anything to do. I just wanted to make him wait a little longer. I went to the kitchen… straightened a few things up, then headed to the laundry and did the same thing. I could tell hubby was dying. He tried to follow me around like a puppy dog. I told him if he wanted to know what happened, he would sit on the couch and wait for me. He did exactly that. I let him ponder for a little bit longer before I joined him on the couch. Then I kissed him. Not just a peck. But a proper open mouth kiss. I secretly wanted him to taste the guy I just sucked off in the driveway. And he did. For when we finally stopped kissing his exact words were… “you taste sweet”. 

Then I told him. Every small detail of what went down. I got to the part where we were flirting while we walked to his truck and I could tell that hubby’s cock was throbbing in his pants.But when I told him about how I blew him less than 20 meters away from where he was he blew his load. I have an official cuckold hubby. He ended up getting hard only a couple of minutes later  and we had some of the most passionate sex we have ever had.  Nothing leg shaking… just some really sensual but fiery sex! 

Anyway, enough about that. Let’s fast forward to what happens next! It’s been a couple of weeks since I sucked the load out of Adam on my driveway while hubby was inside. We texted here and there, but again life got in the way. That was until I needed him again. You know that feeling where you just have to fuck. I’m sure you guys get it all the time. Well I get that too and more frequently than you would expect. 

So what did I do? Texted my new boyfriend is what I did. And he didn’t disappoint. This time we skipped the date. And he came straight over. But I let him know… very bluntly, that I wanted to be fucked in my driveway this time. In the back of his truck (Ute for us Aussies). 

The best part. Hubby was home again. And he knew exactly what was about to go down. I heard his truck pull into the driveway. Gave hubby a little kiss, squeezed his already aching cock and walked out the door! 

Now at my house there are a couple of windows that look out onto the driveway but before I went outside  I made sure to pull the blinds down so hubby wouldn’t be a peeping tom.

I opened the passenger seat door. I’d love to tell you that I jumped inside and we got straight to it, but we didn’t. We chilled out for a bit. I mean there is such a genuine flirty connection there we couldn’t help but have a bit of a laugh. He has such a great vibe and it was nice to just chill out for a bit.

It wasn’t a totally innocent chill though. He loves my tits so within minutes of hopping into the truck he had my shirt off. Now put this image into your head. While we sat there, laughing and flirting, my top was off and he every now and then would reach over and caress them. Always complimenting them as he did. We continued to chat before I told him I couldn’t wait any longer and pointed to the back seat. 

Once again, here I was jumping into the back seat about to finally have another dick in me while my hubby was less than 20 meters away.  

We jumped into the back seat and I couldn’t wait (I made sure to set my camera up of course). I took his pants off and started sucking. I have to say he has the best cock to suck. It is the perfect size. A little thicker and longer than hubby, but not jaw achingly thick. But not only that. He has the best dirty talk. I never experienced dirty talk until I met him and I have to say it makes everything so much hotter. He was telling me how much of a “well trained slut” I was and how he is now going to come “and fill my pretty little mouth” every week! I fucken loved it. Every now and then he asked me to slow down just to stop him from blowing his load too early. 

As I was giving him head he reached around pulled my panties to the side and played with my clit. But that wasn’t the highlight of the night. It was however, at that point that I realised I was such a slut. Having this almost stranger rubbing my pussy while I spat on his dick and took him all the way down my throat. All while my family was inside.

The highlight though was when we swapped places. He flipped me onto my back… slowly slid my panties off and from there it was just heaven. Because for the first time in my life I had an orally induced orgasm!

Now I have read about these. But I always thought they were a bit of an urban myth. But I now understand. When girls say they had the best head ever… I finally got where they were coming from. 

He had my squirming and my legs shaking as he licked me to orgasm. I don’t even know what he was doing down there… I think I felt a couple of fingers slide in but I can’t be sure because It was the most intense and surprising orgasm I have ever had (oh boy, did hubby get an earful when I got home and for the next couple of days because that’s all I could think about).

It was at this stage after I orgasmed while his head was in my legs that I sat up… stopped the recording and said … “What the fuck! Where did you learn that?”

He told me that he just “listens.” He continued with “I can hear what girls like by their moans and I honestly just have fun down there. Plus it’s a bonus if they cum first because then I can have my way with them.” 

I honestly wasn’t even present after that. It was that fucken good.

What was really funny though, happened after,  when hubby was watching the recording back he asked why I stopped the camera. I told him the truth and said I just had to know where he learnt that from! 

After that he laid me back down… opened my legs and slowly slid into me. It was after a second that I realised he hadn’t put a condom on. He ended up pulling out quickly and putting the  condom on. Now I hadn’t discussed with hubby what the plan was here. We had discussed some boundaries before but as long as I was comfortable, he was comfortable. 

When I did walk inside I told hubby he slipped it in without a condom but I asked him, quite bluntly, to put it on and surprisingly he wasn’t mad. He was turned on. 

Well what I thought was “quickly” wasn’t so. When hubby was rewatching the recording he said…” I thought you said he only slipped it in without a condom?”

Turns out he fucked me for a good couple of minutes without a condom! Whoops! I told you I was still in heaven from my orgasm. 

He fucked me for a while in the same position and i could tell he was enjoying himself from the look on his face. He later told me the entire situation turned him on. Having a married wife, on her back, in the back seat of his truck, while her husband was inside probably with his ear against the window, listening. I had to agree with him. This was so naughty and that’s what made it so hot. He continued to fuck me, thrusting in and out, changing his rhythm and enjoying my married pussy. He soon quickened up his thrusts and increased the way he was slamming into me. I felt his body tighten up as he started to cum what must have been one of the biggest loads ever in his condom. I could feel each shot of his cum hitting the condom inside of me.  He pulled out and showed me and I thought to myself… “Fuck! Lucky I asked him to put a condom on because that definitely would have knocked me up!” 

We chatted for a bit… mostly just casual talk before he said he better head off. I gave him a big kiss and thanked him for the best orgasm I have ever had. Before once again heading inside to my hubby.

Just like last time, I gave him the play by play and all the details before he grabbed my phone… put his headphones in and watched it all back. Boy is he a lucky guy. But also…. fuck I’m a lucky girl. To have him let me give in to my desires and be a total slut! 

Once he finished watching he had a few questions before we  fucked like animals!  His first ever “sloppy seconds” and I’m sure the first of many. 

Anyhow… if you thought that was fun… wait till you hear what I did the very next night!