Pt. 8: The Tradie From Work

So… do I have a story for you guys! I told you I was going to be naughty this week!

Let’s start from the beginning.  My offices at work have been getting renovated for the past couple of weeks. If anyone has experienced working with commercial tradies, well it is so annoying. Everything seems to take so long, and no one seems to be able to make a simple decision. It has been an absolute shit fight to get any work done. The one and only positive. All the hot tradies walking around and when I mean all, I mean almost every tradie working in and around my has been easy on the eye. I guess that has been part of the reason I have not been able to get any work done.

So what do you expect of me. I wouldn’t be ‘The Fun Mum’ if I didn’t do something about it. And that is exactly what I did.

There was one tradie especially, that had caught my eye quite early on! He had the hottest tattoos and the nicest eyes.  He also was super friendly and kept making unnecessary stops into my office, which I caught on to really early… but hey, I’m not complaining. It made my work days very, very fun, even if it meant I didn’t get much done.

Well after a couple of days of this I thought fuck it.

The next time he came to my office I made sure to bend over right as he walked in so he caught a glimpse of my new thong. It worked a treat because he point blank asked me if I wanted to go for lunch. I mean what can I say… pretty harmless going for lunch with a cute tradie, right? Well, I already had my backstory planned if anyone from the office saw us eating lunch together. He was going to be a friend of a friend.

I got back to work, well tried to anyway. But my mind kept wandering to my lunch date that was approaching quickly. I had a feeling this one was going to go be a lot of fun.

 Turned out, I was right. We grabbed a bite and within half an hour we were booking a hotel room for the night. I wasn’t wasting any time. I know what I want and now I’m not afraid to see it through. If there is one thing, sharing myself and my story online has done for me… my self confidence has gone to a new level. I like to call it the “I don’t give a fuck” level.

I headed back to the office super wet knowing tonight; I was going to fuck a tradie from work. One that I had only really met today.  

I left work early to go have a shower and get myself ready. 

Fast forward a couple of hours and we find each other in the lobby before heading upstairs. The usual feeling of sluttiness once again hit me as I walked through the lobby with yet another guy. My fourth guy since I started this journey. Blows my mind to think I am happily married, to the love of my life, yet here I was about to fuck another guy.

We got into the room and went straight at it! By the way he really scrubs up well. He had traded the jobsite clothes for my stylish casual wear. And I must say, he was quite stylish for a tradie.

Well, we got to it… making out like teenagers while undressing each other. We didn’t even get to the bed. I sat myself on the desk while he sat on the chair and started licking my pussy. Slowly flicking his tongue across my clitoris before really speeding up. I really enjoy it when guys go down on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love sucking dick more, it’s just super nice when a guy can eat my pussy properly. Probably because hubby still has no idea how.

It didn’t take long for him to then fuck me on the desk. He had me sitting up, in an amazing position, where his cock hit all the right spots. He then turned me around and had me bent over the desk as he fucked me from behind.

Soon after we moved to the desk chair where I got to ride his cock. Still probably my favourite position and the easiest to make me cum.

He wasn’t messing around though, I could tell he was really enjoying the fact that he had the  milf from the office, in a hotel room, doing whatever he wanted. He later told me that he wasn’t the only tradie who had their eye on me. But he was the first one to make the move.

He finally moved me to the bed, where he laid down and had me suck his dick. He loved it. He finally had me lick his balls before he shot his load into my mouth.

Compared to my other fucks, it was very much a “bend me and send me” or a “wham bam thank you ma’am!” I was literally there to help him blow his load. That and for him to say, I fucked the boss lady at work. But that didn’t bother me, it was hot as hell knowing I just fucked someone I had met a couple of hours before and something I had always fantasised about.

I really do love being a hotwife. 4 guys in less than 6 months. Let’s get to double digits.

Next goal- a proper threesome!