Pt. 10: The Twitter Follower

I am so happy to tell you about my latest adventure. I know you all love to know where and how I meet my boyfriends. As you can imagine I get a lot of random DMs and comments on my social media pages. Majority of the time it’s usually profiles with no pictures and very little effort. However, when this certain someone introduced himself on twitter, he had a real profile, a lot of pictures and he put in the effort to chat. So, I got acquainted with my new favourite American Boy on Twitter, and I am so glad I did. I can still feel my pussy swelling after our afternoon delight, and I still have his cum leaking from my swollen pussy as I write this. 

 I’ll start with the fact that our chats were about our kinks and fetishes and funny enough everything seemed to match up! We scheduled a coffee date, and we clicked that fast that I was on my phone booking a hotel room then and there. Hubby loves it when everything falls into place so fast. He hates all the waiting around. He would much rather I just get straight to it. So, I was glad that we clicked so quickly, for my sake and hubby’s.

We hadn’t even arrived at the room when he made the first move. Pulling me in by the hips and kissing me in the lift on the way up. We finally entered the hotel room and things really went from 0 to 100. He pushed me straight down onto the bed, climbed on top of me and started kissing me again. His kisses then gradually moved down to my neck and then down my chest, as he slowly unbuttoned my shirt. He started off being nice and gently and I vaguely remember him jokingly saying something on our coffee date about how he would start off gentle!  (I knew right then that it wouldn’t be long before he was fucking my pussy so hard that I would feel him for days to come!)

He slowly moved down my body and when he got to my skirt, he pulled it up and started licking my clit. He was sucking it so good it honestly felt like my pink vibrator. If you have followed me for a while, you know that my pink vibrator never fails to make me orgasm. My new friend had me edging the entire time. I had to ask him to stop because it was almost like torture. I don’t know how everyone knows how to eat pussy except for the husband.

He jumped up and I took my skirt off and got down on my knees. He slowly removed his pants, and I can’t lie… I was pleasantly surprised! His cock was… well there is no other word but beautiful. The perfect size. And when I say perfect, I mean nice and thick, not too long and not too short. I put that cock all the way to the back of my throat, I felt him get really hard in my mouth before I took him out and gave him one of my sloppiest blow jobs. Spitting on his cock before taking him slowly from the tup to the base. I worked in slowly before picking up the pace and stroking him. Every now and then I would take his cock out, look him in the eyes and slap it onto my tongue, before slowly teasing the tip of his cock with my tongue. He told me to look him in the eyes as he started to fuck my mouth. I know guys really do love eye contact and I’m with them. There is no greater compliment then watching a guy’s eyes roll into the back of their heads while their cock is in your mouth.  When I looked him in the eyes, he threw his whole head back. I think he almost blew but at the point he told me he wanted my pussy. I couldn’t get up fast enough. The foreplay and constant teasing had me craving his thick cock to really stretch me out. 

As he crawled on top of me again and the tip of his cock found the entrance of my pussy I felt it stretch immediately. He gently slid in and out waiting for my pussy to accept him. Once he had fully stretched my pussy he started to really move causing me to get louder and louder. I could really feel his thick cock with every thrust.

After finally putting his cock into my pussy he took his cock out and told me he wanted to taste me again. So he flipped me over and he ate my pussy but with my ass up in the air. I felt his tongue slide back to my tight asshole and tease it. I already knew he loved a good rim job, but what I didn’t know was how good he was at rimming my ass. He had me squirming in pleasure.  He was licking my ass hole and tonguing it so well I was in ecstasy.

At that point I wanted him back in my pussy but I also needed something in my ass. I told him about my butt plug and jumped up to get it for him. Ever since I experienced being double penetrated, I was obsessed with having both holes filled. Being filled in both holes is just something else. He lubbed my asshole with his spit and then teased my ass with the plug, until he slipped it right in. 

Once the plug was in, he once again started to fuck my tight pussy, only this time with more vigour.  He told me he could feel the plug and his already hard cock seemed to get even harder. If that was possible.

He had me grabbing the sheets to hold myself in place. He had me switch up position so I could get on top and ride him. I jumped on and rode him like a good girl. As I got on top of him, I noticed how much of a creamy mess I had made of his cock. So, I once again got down and tasted us both on his thick cock. It tasted so good.

I jumped back on and rode him until I came. And I came so hard my butt plug fell out. After that I moved into reverse cowgirl and continued to thrust my hips back and forth, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy. I knew my American friend loved my ass, so I decided I had to squat fuck him. I bounced up and down on his cock until I heard him moaning, trying to tease him just as he had teased me earlier on.

I think he caught on to what I was doing because not long afterwards he flipped me over to really enjoy my pussy from behind. He had me edging again within seconds.

He told me to “hold on” as he slid back into me while I was on my hands and knees and fucked me hard and fast. He would start at a good normal pace and then really intensify with his both his pace and power of his thrusts.

He would feel my body quiver beneath him, and he would slow down again. Once I had caught my breath, he would quickly quicken his pace again and fuck me hard and fast. He did this over and over again. He really enjoyed making me shake and quiver, making me moan so loud I had to put my own face into the sheets.

 He was finally ready to cum, and I grabbed the sheets and pushed right back into him so he could really fuck my pussy as hard as he wanted until he came. When he came, he came nice and deep inside me.

Of course, once he had finished in me, I needed to taste him. I now have a thing for tasting my dates cum. Just to do a “taste test” and compare the taste of each guys cum.

I scoped some cum onto my fingers and tasted him before of course… cleaning both our cum off his cock.

 What started with a coffee date ended with one hell of a fuck.

I think I have a thing for American guys now! I wonder if all my twitter followers fuck like him.