Pt. 6: Two Guys, One Afternoon

I told hubby last weekend that I just needed a new cock! It had been just over a month since my last play date where I pretended I had to stay back late at work but instead played with Darius. I went to see  one potential bull last week for coffee and then I met another one yesterday. Just so happened that I really hit it off with the guy I saw yesterday! He is totally different from the other guys I have met. He is Asian. Not that that matters. But I really had a good vibe with him. We literally hit it off from the get go! I told hubby that as well. Oh the joys of being a hotwife. 

So I had planned on meeting Adam… my first boyfriend (who I played with in the car originally) on Tuesday night in a hotel. But because of how excited I was meeting my new bull… let’s call him Nathan… I really wanted to have him alone with me.  I honestly could have fucked him there and then in the coffee shop. It was just so easy to talk to him. 

I basically told Nathan that I was keen to meet up with him and I messaged him to see if he was free in the early afternoon! Yes that’s right… I did make two dates for the same day. Two bulls… one hotel room… same night! I love being a slutty married mum! 

Anyway let’s get to what happened….

Well I arrived at the hotel and Nathan wasn’t far behind. Things flowed from the day before and we hit it off again! Hot tip: the key to getting into my pants is to make me laugh. 

And then I jumped him! He was just sitting on the bed chatting away and he looked so cute! He was an amazing kisser! We made out for a while… and if you know me then you know I love passionate sex! And that’s why I always choose guys I have a connection with! 

We continued to make out while he explored my body with his hands… I think we both had ‘that feeling’. You know that excitement of finally getting someone you’re keen on  into your bed! We then started to slowly remove each other’s clothes. It did not take me long to slowly slide down his body and start to suck his cock! It was the perfect cock to suck. It just fit in my mouth so well. I had a lot of fun with it. Swirling my tongue around the tip of it before taking him all the way to the base and holding him in my mouth. I think he was quite impressed with my skills. I mean after the first two monster cocks I had, it was nice to have a cock I could really explore with my mouth. I must say he was really enjoying it until…

There was a knock on the door…

Not even joking, but for some reason room service wanted to bring me a fork! Like we didn’t even order room service yet here was the concierge with a fork in hand and a big smile on his face. 

Totally random but still quite funny!

I got back to sucking his dick before I had to have it inside of me.  I took my thong off and jumped straight on his cock. Bare. I just needed to have him. I rode him for a good while taking it all in and really enjoying the chemistry we had with each other! Honestly it was like I had known him forever. One of the best parts about grinding my hips as I ride cock is to watch the guy’s eyes roll into the back of their head. It is like a little game I play with myself. Just to see how long it takes me to really send them over the edge. 

He then flipped me over and took control! He fucked me hard and fast, and then slow and soft,  changing the rhythms and playing with my clit.  He knew how to use his fingers to bring me right to the edge before stopping just before I was about to cum. To be honest it was the worst form of teasing. I was so  frustrated because I just needed to cum but he wouldn’t let me. But the teasing was worth it because when I did cum, it was amazing. The type of orgasm that leaves me with my legs shaking. 

He flipped me to the edge of the bed and fucked me in I guess a reverse wheelbarrow position. My first time getting fucked like that and it hit all the right spots! 

Finally he turned me back into doggystyle and it wasn’t until I watched the video after that I realized what happened! He was fucking me nice and hard before he pulled out and finished on my ass! I was surprised because I didn’t feel him about to cum! But what I watched on the video afterwards showed me what really happened. He had  pulled out… finished on my ass before getting his cock and using the cum as lube.  He pushed his cum into my pussy before continuing to fuck me!

And then  that’s when I felt him that sensation right before a guy is about to cum! It was intense for both of us! He let me know he was about to cum as he fucked me really hard and fast from behind, his cock slidign in and out with the cum he had used for lube. He finished  deep inside of me and there was no mistaking the feeling of his cum hitting the back of my cervix.  

When he pulled his cock out I think he was surprised by how much I had cum as well! His cock was a mess! His cum and my cum mixed together!

As we laughed about it we got up and had a shower together where we continued to kiss and fondle each other like two teenagers fucking for the first time. Hubby won’t be angry at me this time though because I moved the camera into the bathroom so he would be able to see what we did afterwards in the shower. 

I know i say it all the time, but this was definitely up there with my all time favourite fucks. 
It’s hard not to compare my three bulls because they are all so different, but I do feel like I have hit the lottery with all three of them. They make it so easy for me to be myself and really enjoy my journey into the hotwife lifestyle. I mean to be fair, they really just let me unleash my inner slut. 

So once we finished our shower (thanks to our intense fucking) we had a long chat about life and then Nathan went home! And so did I, since I was in a hotel not far from my place! Hubby knew I was out fucking my bfs but he didn’t expect me to come home in between fuck sessions! 

I ran inside… slammed him on the bed and sat on his face! Immediately making him eat me out… even though I had already showered! He said he couldn’t taste anything but when I kissed him after I told him that he tasted like Nathan! 

Anyway, I helped cook dinner (yes I’m the best wife) and then soon after left to go fuck Adam! 

I waited in the room for him to arrive before heading down to the lobby to pick him up! 

Now if you remember Adam you’ll know that he loves to use me like his own personal fuck doll! 

Tonight was no different! He is so verbal when he fucks me and tonight he turned it up another level! He asked me to call him sir or master and as soon as we got into the room we were making out! He then picked me up… threw me on the bed and asked to inspect me!

He pulled down my tights to just above my ankle, before pushing my legs up and locking them together by not removing my tights any further! And this was the start of the most intense orgasm I ever had! He ate me out just like he did all the other times! Still the only guy to make me cum from oral and it seems to get better every time! He would bring me right to the edge and then stop and tell me I wasn’t allowed to cum yet. 

He told me that tonight he was going to fill all my holes! And he did just that! But first he gave me permission to orgasm and literally seconds after the words escaped his mouth I was cuming on his tongue and fingers! One of, if not the most intense orgasm of my life! My legs were like  jelly after that! He let me have time to recover before he indicated that I should start sucking his cock…

I asked if I was allowed and he said yes and I went to town! Constantly being told what a good cumslut or what a whore or a wife I was! I love dirty talk! He would tell me that he needed help filling my holes and we needed to do something about it. That really hit a nerve because ever since becoming a hotwife, what I really craved was multiple guys using me at the same time. 

I spent a long time on the edge of the bed, on all fours, sucking his cock. He would make me gag… a couple of times bringing me right to the edge of spewing! But he loved it! He used my mouth like it was my pussy. He then bent me over and fucked me just like he did last time. Like I was his own personal rag doll and not long after he finished in a condom inside of me. 

Oh, was I tired. Two guys. One afternoon. Maybe I had taken on more than I thought. But then…Adam said he wasn’t done with me yet. We sat down on the bed after I had got myself a glass of water and cuddled while chatting about life. 

About 20 mins later he told me he was ready and instructed me to come suck his dick again.  After basically worshiping his dick again, he asked me to turn around and present my asshole to him. I did before he asked me to bend over so he could open me up. Now, he did say when he first arrived that he planned on using all my holes tonight, but I thought that was more a figure of speech. I guess I was wrong. He really did plan to fuck my ass. Hubby was going to be so excited. Side note: hubby isn’t that into anal. I used to beg him to take my anal virginity and it took me years to finally get a YES from him. So, if you asked me if I was excited, you’d be wrong because I was over the moon. 

We didn’t even use lube! He spat on my asshole and stuck his cock straight in. I fucken loved it! Finally another cock in my ass. He Fucked me for a while and I honestly don’t remember much. I just remember thinking I finally have someone else’s dick in my ass. I stopped him after a while to get some lube. 

Now this is where things got really interesting because I did another thing I have never done before… 

After I got the lube I came back and Adam had lost his erection… fair enough after just fucking my brains out 20 minutes earlier. I tried to jump on him to ride him in my ass but he wasn’t hard enough… I hopped off and thought why not…

I asked him “have you ever had your ass licked before?”

He replied “yes, fucken oath. I love when a girl does it but it’s been a while”

That’s all the answer I needed. I put his legs in the air… laid down and started doing what I do best. Sticking my tongue in someone’s asshole and giving what my husband says are the best rimjobs in the world. I licked around his asshole… slowly teasing my tongue in and out before sticking it all the way into his ass and pulling out. I felt so dirty but so hot at the same time. Here I, once again surprised myself.  A married mother of 3, in a bed in a hotel room, with my tongue in another man’s ass. 

Not long after I thought I’d try something else.. I whispered to Adam “have you ever had  a finger in your ass?”

Again his reply was yes but he hadn’t had it in a long time.

All the info I needed. I slowly slipped a finger into his tight ass, that was still lubed up from my spit before giving him a nice prostate massage. Another first.

I’m knocking things off the bucket list, left right and center. After my rim job he was super hard and the prostate massage made him right on the edge.

He pushed me off and went back to fucking my ass.

Did I mention that I love my ass being fucked. He literally stretched my asshole out like no one ever has before. While he was giving me back shot after back shot, he finished for the second time that night, only this time in my ass. 

What a day! 

I fucked a new bull.

Let him creampie me.

Got fucked in the ass by my second dick of the day.

And don’t forget I gave one of my BFs my first rimjob and prostate massage. 

I think I might make this a weekly Tuesday thing. Just need to find two bulls who are comfortable with fucking me at the same time.